Reverse Osmosis Water Helps Promote Good Health

One can survive for several weeks without consuming any food. However, it is an entirely different story if you quit drinking water. The longest you can go without hydrating yourself, according to health authorities, is three to four days. Failure to deal with dehydration can cause the blood pressure to drop to dangerous levels and the vital organs to shut down.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can drink just about any water. If you’re not careful, your attempt at keeping your body properly hydrated can do more harm than good.

This is when the importance of installing a reverse osmosis water filter at homes comes in. It works by forcing water through a special type of membrane that allows water molecules to pass, but not most contaminants (dissolved salts, heavy metals, bacteria, etc.) usually present in tap water. Experts say that reverse osmosis water is up to 99% pure!

Because of the unparalleled water purity made possible by a reverse osmosis system, being in the pink of health can be easier. Drinking about two litres of contaminant-free water per day is essential for staying alive and well.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Have you been told by your doctor to go on a low-sodium diet because your blood pressure readings are not particularly impressive? Then, it is a good idea to go for reverse osmosis water. 

Health authorities say that if you need to limit your daily sodium intake to 500 milligrams per day, you should get no more than 20 milligrams of sodium from water sources. Because reverse osmosis is very good at eliminating dissolved salts in tap water, it can help you stick to a low-sodium diet your doctor has prescribed.

Failure to stay within the recommended daily intake of sodium can cause the blood pressure to rise, leading to serious complications like heart disease and kidney damage.

Lowered Heavy Metal Toxicity Risk

The tap water has been treated. Unfortunately, it may still contain heavy metals. Every single one of them is toxic, especially in high amounts.

Leading the list of heavy metals present in tap water is lead. That’s because it can leach from pipes and soldered joints which guide water to your tap. People residing in older homes are usually the ones who are at risk of consuming excessive amounts of lead, resulting in serious health problems like anemia and kidney and brain damage.

Children below six years are especially at risk of the many health dangers of lead toxicity. According to health authorities, kids may have problems with their bone growth and development. Lead can also harm the central nervous system, which is why many children who survive lead poisoning suffer from behavioral issues and mental retardation.

A reverse osmosis water filter can help adults and young ones lower their exposure to lead and other toxic heavy metals.

Bolstered Immune System

Reverse osmosis water tastes better than tap water. Because of this, you will find it delightful to consume up to two litres of water per day. It also helps avoid sugary drinks and other beverages that are bad for your health.

Did you know that staying hydrated can strengthen the immune system as it facilitates the elimination of toxins and impurities within? Having a strong immune system is important now more than ever.

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