Road Trip Hacks Everyone Should Know

Everyone loves a good road trip whether it’s a winter or summer trip. Just imagine the car packed with friends and an open road ahead.  With the right supplies and things to keep everyone entertained you will have endless hours of fun.  Get everyone together and plan ahead, this will surely make for one grand adventure you’ll always remember.  
Road Trip Hacks Everyone Should Know
Use these simple road trip hacks to make this drive one you won’t forget!  
  • Keep an Emergency Kit in the car at all times that includes jumper cables. This item is more than just a hack. It’s an essential for any car owner.  
  • Get a tune up and the car looked over before leaving.  
  • Be sure to pack light and only what you truly need on the trip. Rolling up each piece of clothing when packing always saves space when there will be a lot of people bringing a bag along. Buying shampoo, conditioner, bodywash and deodorant when you arrive at the destination is a great way to save on space and the weight in your bag.   
  • Dryer sheets make for a better air freshener than most car air fresheners. With so many people in the car you might want offer them up at the beginning of the trip for everyone to slip in their bags. This will keep the bags and the car smelling clean and fresh the whole trip.   
  • Have everyone bring their favorite mixed Cd’s. This will save on battery life of your phones and iPod.  
  • Did you know whatever side the Exit is on the sign that will be the same side your exit will be on. So if the Exit on the sign is on the right so will your next exit.  
  • Use an over the door shoe organizer and tie it around the back seat. Once placed the back seat passengers should be able to see it. This can now be used for things other than shoes. Handy items to store are: phones, iPod, chargers, flip flops, gloves,  small snacks, drink bottle, pocket games, note pad, sunglasses, blow up pillows, hand sanitizer or wipes, and any other small items that may coincide with your road trip needs that need to be handy.   
  • Keep a spare key handy. Sometimes we have so much fun on our adventures we forget the keys are still in the car before locking it and walking away.  
  • Bring extra charging devices for cell phones and iPod. USB double port car charger and external power banks work great.   
  • Make sure everyone brings change and plenty of small bills for tolls along the way.  
  • Make sure someone in the car is able to change a tire. Flat tires can happen to anyone and we all should know what tools we need and how it’s done. Print this out and keep in in the glove-box (Changing a Car Tire Infographic
  • Click here for the full list of hacks.
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