Safety Tips For Spring Driving

It’s officially Spring, but did you know along with spring comes a number of seasonal driving dangers and hazards you can prepare ahead for? With each season we enter it brings it’s own unique challenges for drivers. Rain and thawing snow makes driving slippery and dangerous. Volvoo of North Miami wants you to be safe this spring. So here are some helpful tips to enjoy spring driving in safety.

Safety Tips For Spring Driving

Melting Snow

1. Don’t forget just because it’s Spring doesn’t mean the snow stops. So it’s important to keep your winter tires on until temperatures rise and stay that way. Along with snow comes melting, but also because it’s Spring comes more rain which brings flooding and very slippery roads. Absolutely never attempt to try and cross a flooded section in a roadway. You never know if the part of the road under the water has been washed out. Simply turn around and find another route. Drive with caution, slow down when roads are wet. This will prevent accidents.

Visibility and Fog

2. During the Spring it’s common to have foggy conditions. Make sure to slow down in these conditions because visibility can be severely reduced.

Check Windshield Wipers

3. Many drivers don’t realize windshield wiper blades endure a lot during the winter months, and often get damaged. Now that it’s Spring it’s important to check the condition of the blades and replace them if they are worn out. Especially with Spring showers coming you need to have them in good working condition.


4. During winter month snow plows, salt and harsh conditions can wreck havoc on the roads causing potholes. Stay far enough back from the car in front of you and concentrate on your driving. This will give you more time to see the wheel-bending potholes in front of you. It’s important to avoid these to prevent damage to your vehicle.

Iced Over Roads

5. Yes Spring is officially here, however unexpected temperature drop can happen often. When this happens and they drop low enough it will cause roads to ice over. Please watch temperatures closely to avoid any dangerous black ice and other icy conditions.

Warm Weather Brings More People & Animals Outside

6. Watch for motorcycles, people riding bicycles, playing children, and animals.

  • With Spring there is bound to be warm beautiful days and everyone is sick of being stuck inside. Now that it’s warming up more children will be outside playing. It’s important to slow down and watch for children playing or riding their bikes. Kids are always easily distracted by play and don’t always notice traffic. Watch for teenagers that may be texting and not paying attention to you.
  • Motorcycles and bicycles will be out in full swing during warmer weather. This adds more hazards you need to watch for when on the roads. Make sure you are giving motorcyclists and bicyclists plenty of space.
  • Now that the weather is warmer watch for animal crossings on roadways. Since winter is over animals will be on the move forging for food. Make sure to be on the lookout and watch the side of the roads carefully, especially at night when their eyes may illuminate. This can prevent you from hitting a big animal and causing serous damage to your vehicle.

With Spring comes warmer beautiful weather. After all Spring is a season of renewal. Many people love to take road trips and enjoy the scenery. Enjoy it, and just be sure to stay alert and be prepared to avoid the challenges of spring driving and enjoy the season.

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