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I recently had the pleasure of testing out some wonderful Sally Hansen products. The products I tested are the New Salon Gel Polish Kit, Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, Gem Crush Nail Colors, Magnetic Nail Colors , Simply Smooth Hair Remover. Sally Hansen carry’s many kinds of products for nails, lips, skin & body, beauty tools, and hair removal. And many varieties of each so your sure to always find something you will love. I loved all these products and each one I loved for different reasons. For example I have never tried gel nails so I was excited to give this a try. First thing I noticed was how long the polish lasts and still keeps a beautiful shine the whole time without chipping as promised. I also noticed that having the gel nails keeps my nails feeling strong and they were fun and easy to apply. Taking the gel off was easy to do with a few simple steps. I just can’t get over how shiny they are, they really do have a mirror shine! The Salon Gel Polish Kit Gel polish stays looking great for a longer period of time because it keeps its shine, unlike regular nail polish. This came with everything you need to have perfect beautiful gels nails just like if you where to go to the salon and get them done. This kit includes a 6 watt LED lamp, Gel Base Coat, Gel Nail Color, Gel Top Coat, 10 nail cleanser pads, acetone remover, cuticle stick, file,Β  buffer and instruction sheet. I highly recommend this as a git this Holiday Season.

The Salon Effect Nail strips are equally as wonderful as the Gel kit. The say they last 10 days but mine lasted about 2 weeks. I love these because they are easy to apply and your nails come out perfect and beautiful looking every time. Just peel, apply and shape! This little tiny box comes complete with everything you need. Includes 16 nails strips that fit all nails, cuticle stick, mini file, buffer and instructions! There are ton of gorgeous designs and solid colors for everyone. These would make for awesome stocking stuffers this season!

The Magnetic Nail Color has got to be the coolest nail color I have EVER tried. No need to get a fancy design at the salon when you can do it right at home for less. How it work is you paint your nail, let dry and then apply a heavy top coat and use the magnet that comes on the top of the cap by holding over the top of your nail right after you apply the second coat. Then after 10 seconds you will have a very awesome wavy design. Unlike any other nail polish you have ever seen! This polish drys quick, which I love! This is a must have item!

Next is the Simply Smooth Hair Remover for you legs, which can be used for all skin types. I love this mainly because it does not stink like other hair removes I have tried. And it stays on in the shower till your ready to rinse it off. It only takes about 3 minutes to remove the hair. Once your done your legs will feel so soft and smooth. It may take up to 4 minutes but once you get the hang of it you will know how long your legs need. This is a great formula and perfect for anyone who dreads shaving.

And lastly the Gem Crush Nail Colors are hot! Each color is full of glitter and sparkle. Add a little for a light look, or add more to your liking. I preferred adding 3 coats for most of the colors for a very dramatic look. I love all the colors they chose for this line. They dry quickly and and don’t stay tacky. These are a must have in every girls stocking this year! I recommend all 4 colors I tried or get the whole line!

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Disclosure I received products for free in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. http://Sarah%20Madrigal says

    My daughter and I always have so much fun with all of the Sally Hansen choices that are available when we go nail polish shopping. There are gel, glitter, magnetic, crackle, glow-in-the-dark, and fast dry. Then you get to choose among so many different colors. I think we are in the store for hours trying to choose.

  2. http://Sarah%20Madrigal says

    The electronic question was a little hard but I like the new dryer that is available with the nail polish’s that are coming out. I would love to try them to see how well the nail polish dries.

  3. http://beth%20m says

    fav product is the gem crushed nail polish

  4. http://beth%20m says

    I’m not sure what you mean about electronics but would love this nail polish product (do you mean finger nails or toenails? either one)

  5. http://Christy%20Colln says

    my favorite sally hansen product is there nail polish amazing color choices

  6. http://Christy%20Colln says

    I would love to get the gel kit and I am not sure what the question is asking…

  7. http://Melissa%20Jacobs says

    Confused about electronic question… i do love the gel kit.

  8. http://Melissa%20Jacobs says

    If I don’t win this, I think I am going to need to buy one!

  9. http://tammie%20s says

    like red polishes

  10. http://tammie%20s says

    not sure what you mean but love sally’s polishes

  11. http://Holly%20W says

    My favorite product is my red slipper nail polish I love it!

  12. http://Holly%20W says

    Myself and my two teens have been wanting to try this.

  13. http://Roxann says

    The magnetic polish is my favorite.

  14. http://Roxann says

    Gorgeous polishes but I think they would look better on my fingers than on my electronics.

  15. http://Sam%20J says

    I really like Sally Hansen polish,I’m happy with whatever colors appeal to me!
    The magnetic one seems really cool will have to try that one out. Electronics? I don’t think I want any nail polish on electronics.

  16. http://Heather%20H says

    Nail polish is one of those things I LOVE to have…but I hate to buy for myself!

  17. http://Melanie%20Snyder says

    I love all of Sally Hansen’s products. I’ve been a big fan for many years! Can’t really pick just one.

    (not sure what you mean about the electronics either)

  18. http://Maxine says

    Right now I love the Sally Hansen X-treme Wear line

  19. http://Maxine says

    I’m not sure what the question is asking but I LOVE these colors and really really hope I get the chance to try them out πŸ™‚

  20. http://Gini@Sassy%20Paints says

    Not sure what you mean by the question, but I would love to try the gel kit!

  21. http://Tabitha%20Nicole says

    I love Sally Hansen’s polishes; they’re so affordable!

  22. http://Tabitha%20Nicole says

    Not sure how you would use this on electronics, but I’ll say how gorgeous those polishes are!

  23. http://Kristen says

    I would love to try the gel kit!

  24. http://Tami says

    I love the Gem Crush. I am confused about the electronic question? Are we suppose to say what electronic we would paint with the polish if we win? lol, jk πŸ˜‰

  25. http://Denise%20F says

    Sally Hansen Magnetic!

  26. http://Hannah%20Leuschen says

    The magnetic nail polish is awesome.

  27. http://toshi says

    Id like to try the gem colors
    my favorite sally hansen product is the acrylic topcoat

  28. http://marissa says

    I love the red carpet nail polish and i would like to try the magnetic nail polish

    thank you

  29. http://Angie%20B says

    All the polishes are great and the remover would be great too.

  30. http://Angie%20B says

    Nail polishes all look fun, electronics Hair remover

  31. http://Melissa%20S says

    I like the sally hansen french manicure kit.

  32. http://Melissa%20S says

    I’m going to go look for the other giveaway I can use on an electronic part πŸ™‚ and I am going to give the Sally hansen set to my daughter and have her give me a manicure.

  33. http://Denise%20F says

    Sally Hansen!!

  34. http://Hanna%20M. says

    I love their magnetic polishes- I have 3 of them, I think.

  35. http://Roberta says

    My favorite Sally Hansen products are the insta-dry nail polishes!
    And I’m confused about the electronic part?

  36. http://spunkster says

    I love the old Sally Hansen Hidden Treasures.

  37. http://Kristy says

    I really like Sally Hansen’s Complete Manicure nail polishes

  38. http://stephanie%20kiggins says

    I love the sally hansen gem crush polishes! I don’t know what you mean by electronic though?

  39. http://Angelica says

    And I like any of their products. How about anything with glitters?

  40. http://Angelica says

    Haha, electronics? My phone πŸ˜‰

  41. http://Kayla%20B says

    Not sure what you mean by electronics, but I love sally Hansen, especially the Gem Crush. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. http://Heather%20Grant says

    My fave sally hansen product is the critical cream!

  43. http://Heather%20Grant says

    Electronic?? I live the magnetic colors…..sooo awesome:)

  44. http://Jennifer%20Dysart says

    oops meant to say my fave is the sally hansen is their nail polish and I’d love to ty the magnetics

  45. http://Jennifer%20Dysart says

    I don’t know what you mean by the electronics, but i assume you mean like what occasion I’d use it for or the color, well I’d love to use it for the holidays and a deep red gel polish would be awesome

  46. http://Jennifer%20Dysart says

    I’m excited to try the magnetics!

  47. http://becki says

    My fav product is nail polish

  48. http://becki says

    I would sure love to win this!!

  49. http://Fee%20(Phyllis)%20Roberts says

    I like the Sally Hansen French Manicure =D

  50. http://Fee%20(Phyllis)%20Roberts says

    I don’t understand what electronic you’re talking about but I love the colors =D

  51. http://Deanna%20Dorman says

    I’m a big fan of all Sally Hansen nail colors!

  52. http://june%20buchanan says

    i would love the magnetic polish

  53. http://june%20buchanan says

    i love all sally hansen products

  54. http://Rosemary%20ford says

    I use their products it hard just to narrow down just one the question about the electronis we shouldn’t use nail polish on them.

  55. http://ashley says

    I like the extreme polishes!

  56. My favorite is the gel nail polish, creates such a nice salon quality look….

    The other thing said to say which electronic you would use this on…..I’m confused but responding to it anyway…

  57. http://beverly%20mchenry says

    huh anyway love the polish

  58. http://teneka says

    I would love to win this package and share “girl” time doing nails with my daughters.

  59. http://Shawna%20Summers says

    nail polish!

  60. http://Candace says

    I love the salon nail effects!

  61. http://Candace says

    I don’t understand the question but I would love to have the polish πŸ™‚

  62. http://Erin%20H says

    hehe, do my fingers count as electronics? I’m going to say I’d use the gem crush the most!

  63. http://rondah says

    I like the cuticle remover

  64. http://rondah says

    I dont think this would be used for electronics, but am answering the question πŸ™‚

  65. http://Ashley%20Schein says

    I don’t think you should use this on electronics but i will leave the comment because it askes us to.

  66. http://Ashley%20Schein says

    I love the nail polish.

  67. http://Louis says

    I love those 4 sparkling nail polishes
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  68. http://LisaLisa says

    WOW, that polish looks soo cute. I love all the wonderful colors!

  69. http://Misty says

    I’d love to try the Magnetic Nail Color

  70. http://Jennifer%20R says

    I love tha nail polishes, im obssesed

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