Sausage, Cinnamon & Cream Cheese Breakfast Biscuits Recipe

After some days of creative thinking I came up with the most rich and tasty dish you will love! I call this recipe “Sausage, Cinnamon & Cream Cheese Breakfast Biscuits “.  For a lighter option try the alternatives in the recipe below, and it still comes out wonderful. Let me know what you thought of this recipe and if you love it please share with your friends.

Sausage, Cinnamon & Cream Cheese #Breakfast Biscuits


 Sausage, Cinnamon & Cream Cheese #Breakfast Biscuits Recipe

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  1. Rattlesandheels says

    This looks yummy although I try to stick t green smoothies for breakfast but I’ll make this for kunch

  2. Julia Potvin says

    Looks yummy and all ingredients I love, this is going into my recipe file, thanks for sharing!

  3. Alaina Bullock says

    This looks amazingly delicious! I am definitely adding it to my recipe book! Cannot wait to try it!

  4. Wow, these look so delicious and very easy to make. My kids would love these and of course give me a cup of fresh coffee and I too will enjoy one. Yum!!

  5. These look delicious!!! I want to make them now!

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