Scentsy Warmer Review

Scentsy Warmer Review & Giveaway

I love candles and all the wonderful smells they have to offer. And how beautifully they can make your home smell. But I have never been a fan of the burning flame. I am always so scared I am going to forget its burning and go to bed and wake up to a fire. So when I found out I would be reviewing a Scentsy Warmer I was thrilled, because Scentsy Warmers are a safe, wick less alternative to scented candles that fill your home with beautiful smells.

The warmer I chose to review was the full size Plum Garland Scentsy Warmer. And let me tell you there are so many choices to pick from. Which is great because your almost guaranteed to find one to match your own decor. The full size Warmers are $30.00 and the Scentsy Bar are $5.00. The Scentsy Bar scent I chose is Baked Apple Pie, mmmm! I love apple pie and this is the perfect scent for the fall season. It reminds me of Halloween and going Trick-R-Treating as a little girl and it seemed like every other person that opened their door to give me a treat had an apple-cinnamon aroma flowing from their door-way.

So any way back from memory-lane lets talk about the Scentsy Warmer, let me just say this is the very first time I’ve used a Scentsy product. The Scentsy Warmer stands just a little over 6″ high. And has a removable dish on top of it. When I first got it all had to do was remove the dish and screw in the 25Watt light bulb that it came with it then replace the dish on top and plug it in. Next grab my Scentsy Bar and break off a piece of the wax and put in it the dish and hit the switch. The light bulb comes on and within minutes the bar started to melt and my kitchen, dining room and living room were filled will a baked apple pie scent.

So far what impresses me the most about the Scentsy Warmer is that it has the ability to fill my 3 large rooms up with a wonderful smell within minutes just with one small little chunk of the Scentsy Bar wax. I’ve been buying candles for years and it would take at least a couple of hours to fill 3 large rooms with a scent. Another thing that I really, really enjoyed was once you’ve melted the wax in your warmer and your done with it for the day you pour that completely melted wax back into the packaging so it can reform back into a bar. So, it’s sort of reusable until it’s completely gone.

Scentsy has over 80 scents to choose from. And they also carry smaller warmers, plug-in warmers, rooms sprays, hand and body products, and so much more! My final opinion on the Scentsy Warmer is that I am more than impressed with this product, it is well made, very beautiful piece to add to your decor, long lasting strong smelling scents and I would recommend their products to anyone. This is much better than any candle any day of the week! Not only that the Scentsy bars last long and smell stronger than a candle. I am so happy I finally tried Scentsy products. I also recommenced you head on over to the Scentsy website and check them out! Fall is coming and it’s the perfect time to grab up your favorite scents that remind you of this wonderful season.

Shauna McDonald, Independent Scentsy Consultant has been nice enough to donate this warmer and bar to me to review and also donated one for my fans to win!

Where to buy: Head on over to Scentsy and order a Warmer!

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Disclosure: These Scentsy products the warmer and bar were donated to me to review and giveaway to my fans from an Shauna McDonald, Independent Scentsy Consultant. In exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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  1. Purchased my first Scentsy (full size) a couple of weeks ago at a holiday show. It’s beautiful. Love the French Lavender scent. Learned, though, that the circular bottom gets really hot. The edging melted the varnish off of our finished wood table top so now there’s circular marring. Wished someone would have told me before to put a hot pad or something similar under the unit when placing on finished wood.

  2. I absolutely LOVE Scentsy! I wrote a review on my blog, please check it out!

  3. Love the Whiteout scent.

  4. Cheryl Phillips says

    Love any of the scents that remind me of Fall!

  5. Baked apple pie!!

  6. I would like honey pear cider

  7. I’d never tried Scentsy, but I’d like to try Frosted Ginger Cookie.

  8. Apple Press Scentsy

  9. sarah oswald says

    baked apple pie

  10. paige fowler says

    Linger Scentsy Bar

  11. baked apple pie

  12. I’ve tried the wax tarts from Yankee candle & the ones Walmart sells, I’ve heard scentsy puts those brands to shame when it comes to amazing smells

  13. Nichole Keysor says

    Mochadoodle but currently my favorite is the Caramel pear crisp

  14. patricia white says

    I like the vanilla and the apple pie 🙂

  15. home sweet home or cinnamon and cloves!

  16. Crystal Young says

    Happy Birthday Scent but i would like to try more scents.

  17. Is there a pumpkin spice? That would be heavenly!

  18. Cinnamon

  19. I want to try black raspberry vanilla

  20. Jessi Fontaine says

    My favorite is sweet pea and vanilla 🙂

  21. Stephanie Ibabao-DeMore says

    I love Luna & My Home

  22. Baked apple pie – Oh my!!! Love it!

  23. love story for sure.

  24. My all time fav is My Dear Watson

  25. It’s hard to pick just one but I’ve been burning the sugar cookie lately and i love it along with a long list of others

  26. willis flanagan says

    these are new to me but I would like to try one.

  27. Clean Breeze !

  28. Rachal Tallent says

    I love the smell of happy birthday and cinnamin bear and autumn stroll

  29. Katie Balbin says

    Have never tried Scentsy before, but the apple pie sounds divine.

  30. Charlene Glover says

    I love lavender scents

  31. Brooke Westmoreland says

    I’ve never had anything Scentsy

  32. barbara tryon says

    I love the scent of Baked apples and thank you

  33. baked apple pie!!!!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  34. Amy Martinez says

    I’ve never tried Scentsy, but I’ve always wanted to!!

  35. Katie Walker says

    I have been wanting something from Sentsy forever!!!

  36. Kayla riddle says

    I havebt tried any yet but I really like these type of things!!

  37. Never tried Scentsy before but Home Sweet Home sounds like a great one

  38. I’ve never tried scentsy, but think the baked apple pie sounds wonderful!!! 🙂

  39. Black Raspberry Vanilla!!! Yummy and Thanks!

  40. I have always loved scentsy and when my ex and I broke up his brother was taking my stuff to the car and shattered my doodlebug warmer 🙁

  41. Gina Thompson says

    Love their smells soooo good and lasts a while!

  42. I’ve always been interested in Scentsy, but felt it was an investment. This would be the perfect chance to try!

  43. Anita Leibert says

    I’d love to smell Baked Apple Pie in my kitchen!

  44. debbie russell says

    Would love to win.

  45. Luna is my favorite scent

  46. I love these too…and a tip…place the tray of wax in the freezer once it cools down a bit, leave it in till wax is hard and it is amazing how the hardened wax will slide out of the tray (just in case you didnt like the idea of pouring hot wax into plastic…like me), then there is NO clean up of leftover wax, and you can change fragrances faster.

  47. The baked apple pie scent sounds nice!

  48. I don’t have one- but need it since I have 2 dogs and a stinky CAT!

  49. courtney hennagir says

    ooh,maybe sugar cookie

  50. Renee Wright says

    My favorite scent is Guava Nectar. I love it and I am almost out and you can’t order it anymore

  51. Lavender or Roses, I could not get the page to show me. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  52. javeta acker says

    my fav scent right now is love story

  53. I like Satin Sheets

  54. Baked Apple pie.

  55. kelli sanders says

    i really like the berry collection (strawberry, blackberry etc…)

  56. I would love to try honey pear cider!

  57. Lindsey Pegram says

    I like Sugar Cookie.

  58. Rachel Dawson says

    I really love Christmas Cottage!!!

  59. I’d love to try Cinnamon Vanilla!

  60. Black Raspberry 🙂

  61. Julia Potvin says

    I haven’t had the pleasure to try Scentsy, but love scents that smell like I have been in the kitchen baking… without me doing the work of making pies, cookies ect., when I don’t have the time! ~wink-wink~

  62. Love the baking scents!

  63. Jerrilyn Casto says

    The black raspberry vanilla !!

  64. ANY Fall/Autumn or Linen 🙂

  65. Debra Gordon says

    French Lavender is awesome along with the apple pie scent thanks 🙂

  66. cinnamon bear

  67. Denise Weatherly says

    I would like the black rasperry Vanilla scent

  68. Denise Weatherly says

    I liked the Tiorret holder.

  69. My Dear Watson is one of my favorites it smells like a hott guy! I also rally like the one that smells like clean laundry but I can’t remember the name

  70. Renee @ Made By Renee says

    Happy Birthday or sugar cookie

  71. I have never tried Scentsy before.. but would love to try the Happy Birthday scent

  72. Holly Mitkowski says

    blueberry cheesecake

  73. There is a Christmas one that I love. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head. I also love the black raspberry vanilla.

  74. my favorite is Black Raspberry Vanilla

  75. Stefanie Gladden(ann lyfe) says

    I love home sweet home and sugar cookie!!

  76. ohh my goodness, they have so many wonderful scents but i think apple cinnamon is my favorite!

  77. Apple cinnamon

  78. monica sexton says

    My favorite scent is sugar cookie.

  79. Wanda Rountree says

    Apple cinnamon

  80. Lindsey Green says

    I love anything vanilla or smells for the fall. Everyone has one of these, I’m so jealous,lol

  81. I don’t know, I’ve never had one. I like pretty much anything except Vanilla.

  82. I have too many to name just one…right now I’m really loving the new Caramel Pear Crisp!

  83. Ashley Hatten says

    sweet pea and vanilla is my all time favorite!!

  84. Happy birthday sounds like it would smell absolutely delicious!

  85. Michelle Underwood says

    Baked Apple pie!

  86. Nicole Vosburgh says

    We really love the ocean scent.

  87. eskimo kiss

  88. betty wojnar says

    baked apple pie

  89. would love to try Scentsy Warmers, haven’t tried any Scentsy yet!

  90. Cindi Decker says

    I like warm apple pie

  91. Andrea Williams says

    I like a lot of scents but Black Raspberry Vanilla is a fave.

  92. Kasee Johnson says

    My favorite scent just retired! Yuzu Dragon had better come back!!!

  93. Rachel Travis says

    i think my fave has been home sweet home

  94. Suzy Sullivan says


  95. I love Welcome Home

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  96. Hendrix Scentsy Bar is one I would like to try. I have never experienced a Scentsy scent put I tend to like Patchouli scents

  97. Julie Lynn Bickham says

    Cinnamon Bear

  98. Holly Thomas says

    Black Raspberry Vanilla!! 🙂

  99. Love the SnowBerry & Pixie scents!

  100. I love my warmer and my favorite would have to be the cherry limeade

  101. Baked Apple Pie sounds delicious!

  102. Elizabeth Parker says

    I’ve never tried one, and had not even heard of them until recently, so I really don’t know.

  103. I would pick the Frosted Ginger Cookie! I think that would smell so yummy! Thank you for the chance!

  104. Clean Breeze is my absolute favorite!

  105. nicole hendrickson says

    I have never tried Amy before but the caramel pear crisp sounds good.

  106. baked apple pie

  107. Tracie Trump says

    My fav is Luna and looking forward to trying frosted ginger cookie and apple press

  108. Lauren @ LoloLovesScents! says

    Whiteout sound awesome!!

  109. I’ve never tried scentsy, but Home Sweet Home sounds great!

  110. I love the baked apple pie I already have it

  111. Black Raspberry Vanilla

  112. i would like to try apple pie please 🙂

  113. jessica edwards says

    home sweet home

  114. sara m ford says

    Oh boy its to hard to just pick one there are soo many I love. , but luna, love story because of the — jasmine I love jasmine and simply irresistible because of the –Lavender I love lavender

  115. Jennifer Williams says

    I like strawberry!! 😉

  116. Havana Cabana is my favorite scent!

  117. Love the French vanilla

  118. kelly hines says

    the baked apple pie

  119. chattie hle hinkle says


  120. I used to always burn candles until I had my son. I am always worried somehow they will get knocked over. This sounds like a wonderful alternative!

  121. Sugar cookie

  122. Teresa Parsley says

    Not sure have not been able to try Scentsy!

  123. I love Scentsy! My favorite scent is Radiance

  124. I like coconut lemongrass!

  125. Robin Fortier says

    baked apple pie sounds just awesome have never used these before

  126. Hendrix is my absolute favorite!!

  127. Barbara Hrabik says

    Any would be lovely because all “scents” are wonderful and Thank you for the chance to be aromafied! Blessings and Hugs to All 🙂

  128. thank you for giving me an opportunity to win scentsy 🙂

  129. Nicole Domagala says

    Home Sweet Home

  130. Ive never tried any but they all sound amazing.

  131. The My home and welcome home are my favorites!!!

  132. Paige Kelley says

    I’m not sure how to pick a favorite.. I think it was Flutter! But so many sound wonderful!

  133. I have never tried Scentsy before.. but would love to try the Happy Birthday scent

  134. Hopefully I did it all correctly .. one of the links didn’t work so i copied and paisted it and got to it that way .. also seriously cant wait for FALL!!! 🙂

  135. I have tons of Scentsy and so many favorite scents and warmers!

  136. I’ve had the pleasure of smelling those melted bars in person since my mother in law had some in the kitchen …smelled delightful

  137. niurka garcia says

    I like the plumage plug in scenty

  138. Ohh love these and love fall scents! cant wait to decorate 🙂

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