Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review


Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

It’s hard keeping a clean house with 3 kids and 2 of them being teenagers as well as 4 cats and 2 dogs. Between the kids and the animals I always have messes everywhere. Keeping up with the messes can be a huge chore. So I am always looking for a way to make cleaning easier.

Since my oldest children were very young I have tried many different types  of vacuum cleaners. We have tried everything from lightweight to compact vacuums and price ranges of $39 to $599. One thing I found is that more expensive the vacuum does not always mean it works better. You really must try the vacuum out for your self regardless of the price. 

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Shark Rocket which is an ultra light weight vacuum that is said to never lose suction, and provide cleaning power of a full-sized upright vacuum, except in ultra-lightweight design. This vacuum is said to compare to the leading similar high cost vacuum.

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review

So far my favorite features of the Shark Rocket are the attachments and how easy the hand-held makes it great for quick clean up jobs around the house no matter where the mess is! I was able to clean cobwebs from the ceiling, dust off the top of my curtains and vacuum my staircase in no time with ease. I was even able to get dirt from under my stand and shelves without having to pull them out. All this was made even easier with it’s super long cord!

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review

The Tools:

  • The Crevice Tool makes getting into tight corners and crevices easy, and it was able to get all of the dirt and dust out. With this tool stairs will never seem like a hard chore again.
  • The Pet Upholstery Tool is especially great for my home because I have 2 dogs and 4 cats, and they get hair everywhere! My biggest dog sheds a lot and leaves his hair wherever he sits. This tool removes pet hair and dust from curtains or delicate fabrics and upholstery.
  • The Dusting Brush is perfect dusting surfaces such as shelves, tables, walls and baseboards you name it!  Plus if you need to reach something high just leave the wand attached and place the dusting brush on the end of the wand.
  • The Dust Away Attachment combines powerful suction to pick up both big and small particles with a reusable and washable microfiber pad to leave bare floors clean. 
  • The Wall mount is to be attached to the wall for easy storage of your Shark Rocket. Anything off the floor is a space saver!

 Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review

Shark Rocket Ultra Light Weight Vacuum Review

The Shark Rocket is an all around great tool that also doubles as a handheld vacuum. Great for cleaning small spaces like stairs, furniture, car and more. It’s super easy to clean under and between furniture, beds, stands, dressers and household objects with the swivel steering. With the multiple settings that make cleaning bare floors, area rugs, and carpets so much easier.

  • Setting 1: cleans bare floors and delicate area rugs.
  • Setting 2: deep cleans carpets by removing embedded dirt

Product Maintenance is simple. To keep your Shark working like new always rinse the filters every month so it keeps it suction power. Emptying the canister just by simply pressing one button, and dump it into the trash. 


  • No Suction Loss
  • Powerful for deep cleaning, yet weighs less than 8 lbs. to prevent fatigue
  • Swivel Steering
  • Detach the power head and use the included tools for dusting and cleaning ceilings and tall furniture
  • The Shark Rocket vacuum comes complete with a 12″ crevice tool, wide upholstery tool, dusting brush and wall mount holder

What’s in the box:

  • 12″ Crevice Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • Wide Upholstery Tool
  • Dust Away Attachment Kit
  • Car Detail Kit
  • Accessories Bag
  • Wall Mount

I was very impressed by the power and the deep clean the Shark Rocket gave my floors. The suction works great and the tools make cleaning faster. However I do wish the canister was a little bigger, but this is still a great product that makes my life as a mom with messy children so much easier. At only $179 this vacuum is a steal compared to the leading brand vacuum. Shop for the Shark Rocket at

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  1. I have mainly hardwood floors but when I vacuum my area rugs, it is hard to transition. Thank you

  2. My biggest issue is the weight and bulk of my vacuum.

  3. My biggest problem is cat hair! It is so hard to get it up.

  4. Candice Hull says

    The hardest part for me is lugging around our ancient, heavy vacuum.
    Thank you

  5. Elizabeth W. says

    cat hair is by far my biggest issue!

  6. Karrie Millheim says

    I need something that can get around the nooks and cranies and that is lightweight

  7. Kathryn Mcneal says

    I hate how loud they are, and the cord always gets in the way.

  8. Lots of dog hair!!

  9. brittney says

    I have two dogs in the house that shed. Most vacuums don’t do all that well picking up the hair. I have to go over and over and over everything.

  10. cleaning the vacuum itself

  11. Being able to vacuum my sofa cushions without a bunch of attachments or reconfiguring.

  12. Francine Anchondo says

    pet hair

  13. Jaime Cummings says

    Dog hair!

  14. Debra Hall says

    my old vac is more than 20 years old ,but i have trouble picking up cat hair

  15. Jasmine P says

    It’s so hard to get into the crevices and corners!

  16. they dont suck up everything, leave tiny particles behind

  17. jessica edwards says

    pet hair

  18. Mihaela Day says

    When it comes to vacuuming weight and dog hair are my problem areas

  19. Erica C. says

    Dust bunnies & dog hair are our biggest problems!

  20. need a vaccuum to pick up pet hair argh

  21. The biggest challenge is having a heavy vacuum to move from room to room.

  22. One of the big issues is lugging the vacuum upstairs. It keeps getting more difficult. Also, having to constantly pass over the same areas when there are bits of things left behind, like threads and such.

  23. Eric Duhs says

    This this is very versatile. Boys with their friends, 2 dogs and a cat, good heavens I don’t just want this, I NEED this.

  24. Jennifer Reed says

    My biggest cleaning issue when it comes to vacuums is how to store all the attachments to make cleaning easier.

  25. Danielle says

    My biggest issue with vacuums is when they don’t pick up dog hair and it spits stuff back at you after you go over it. (Maybe it’s because I really need a new vacuum HINT HINT)

  26. Sarah Cool says

    Hair! I have long hair and its EVERYWHERE!!

  27. Weight and dog hair

  28. I am never able to clean up all of the pet hair. Thanks!

  29. christine burd says

    I find it hard to get into corners and go up the stairs

  30. Laura F. says

    My biggest issue with vaccuum cleaners is how heavy most are. I’m petite and I need a lightweight vaccuum.

  31. Dagmar Finch says

    Between the dog and cat hair and the feather dust from my parrot, I need a decent vacuum that isn’t going to kill me when I walk up and down the steps.

  32. Animal hair is a big issue in our house with 6 pets.

  33. This is a nice looking vacuum.

  34. My biggest issue is not being able to fit my big, bulky vacuum into corners and smaller areas!

  35. I need something that will pick up pet hair…and this will do the trick. Hope I win !!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. janna johnson says

    Pet hair always gets clogged

  37. Christina Sparks says

    We get lots of pet hair which sometimes is hard to vacuum up.

  38. Christina Sparks says

    We get lots of pet hair which sometimes is hard to vacuum up.

  39. richelle bowers says

    it doesn’t suck that well

  40. The worst is pet hair everywhere

  41. My problem is getting up all of the animal hair (4 furry critters in this house).

  42. Jane Levine says

    My vacuum cleaner keeps getting clogged with my hair.

  43. DOG HAIR

  44. natalie yeoman says

    having a huge heavy vacuum its hard to pull and carry

  45. John Kraichely says

    good for the kitchen

  46. Paula Michele Hafner says

    My biggest issue is all of the hair from our 3 dogs. I have to clean out the vacuum in order to finish.

  47. I need a vacuum that’s good with cat hair, for sure.

  48. Hardwood and tile floors

  49. Susan Smith says

    I have four dogs in the house and they shed a lot.

  50. So need a new vacuum that will work on hardwood floors have a pom and 2 cats and there is hair everywhere

  51. Thanks!

  52. sure could us a multi purpose machine mine sure isn’t

  53. Germaine Harrison says

    I have two dogs in the house and they loose a lot of fur.

  54. This light weight vacuum would be great! It would be very effective and easy to handle.

  55. Lack of powerful suction is a big problem.

  56. Diana Stanhope says

    My biggest issue is dog hair, with 4 dogs it is everywhere.

  57. Susan Chester says

    I can never get my vacuum to get the corners and against the walls clean. I usually have to sweep against the walls to get any crumbs.

  58. i like the swiffer and vacuum combo

  59. so hard to clean the lint off my black velvet couch

  60. Getting fine lint out of my shag rug.

  61. It would have to be cat hair.

  62. Janice Zavala says

    I really could use this since mine broke and sweeping rugs by broom is no fun.

  63. lack of suction power on bare floors

  64. linda stover says

    Cat hair on the carpet. Hard to get up.

  65. pet hair! it sticks to everything and keeps coming back!

  66. Crissy Durst says

    I hate that the cord is never long enough. I hate getting so far then have to go back and unplug, then replug.

  67. Hair … Especially post pregnancy!!

  68. Terri Moore says

    My biggest cleaning challenge when it comes to vacuuming is having 2 Golden Retrievers, who are the best dogs but shed 24/ 7! I need a powerful vacuum cleaner to stay on top of the fur piles.

  69. This would be great on dog hair I bet!

  70. I hope I win this! I need a multi tool vacuum that is light weight because I’m disabled and can’t carry a heavy vacuum.

  71. dog hair on the couch

  72. Pet hair stuck along edges of rugs and furniture.

  73. Lugging around a heavy vacuum is a pain.

  74. John Cerazuolo says

    My biggest cleaning issue when it comes to vacuums is dealing with all the cat hair caught on rug and in the vacuum.

  75. I have trouble with my wrists and hands. I really could use a light weight vacuum, because it is hard to push around a heavy vaccum.

  76. Picking up pet hair especially off fabric furniture is the biggest hassle for me.

  77. JUDITH MANUEL says


  78. CHristina Haggr says

    looks good

  79. I want to win

  80. Rachel Bernhardt says

    My vacuum broke several months ago and I can’t afford to replace it (going on 2 yrs looking for work), but that doesn’t keep my Jack Russell mix from shedding and dragging in dirt!

  81. Marilyn Legault says

    weight of moving it up and down stairs.

  82. Martha Waugh says

    My biggest issue is dog hair in hard to reach places

  83. My biggest cleaning issue is pet hair, for sure! I love my little fur monster all the time… well except when I’m vacuuming, lol.

  84. My dogs bringing in dirt from the outside.

  85. My 9 year old Dyson weights like 150lbs, okay maybe an exageration, but its way too heavy to use on stairs or furniture!

  86. Sandra DeSmedt says

    Pet hair … and not having a working vacuum at the moment.

  87. Jessica Arena says

    My biggest vacuum cleaning issue is hair – not just pet hair, but my own! It’s long and gets everywhere, clogging up the brushes over and over and over… you get the picture 😉

  88. Holly Kennedy says

    Getting cat hair off of furniture.

  89. Anne Marie Carter says

    My biggest cleaning issue is animal hair on the carpet and furniture.

  90. Corri Montgomery says

    Lugging the vacuum from room to room is my biggest challenge. It is heavy.

  91. Woohoo. This is great

  92. Jan Novotny says

    Pet fur everywhere.

  93. Vilma Pacheco says

    Losing suction and tripping on the cord.

  94. Douglas Haskett says

    always tripping over the cord

  95. Pet hair on the hardwood!

  96. Melanie Fry says

    My biggest issue is cat hair.

  97. melanie jones says

    that’s a pretty cool multitasking item. I like it

  98. Debra Sullivan says

    Pet Hair

  99. Gina Stanford says

    My biggest issue is getting the dirt under furniture.

  100. kelly woods says

    Cleanning my Bed room. Its always a challenge. My bedroom is a catch all for every thing. It also collects more dust as well too.

  101. Heather Tuck says

    I have kids and pets and lots of carpet in my current vacuum is small and has no attachments..i have to dump it seversl times before im finished all my cleaning and it has no attachments which i need..also it doesnt break down at all..i really need that vacuum.

  102. Kimarie Stebbins says

    I feel like it just never sucks up all of the dirt.

  103. Paula VanBuskirk says

    wedding gift?

  104. debra dubois says

    I have a bad right hand so I have alot of trouble with the weight of my vacuum. I would so love to own a light weight one. I have to ask my son to do my step its just not possible for me to do.. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  105. jessica mcclamma says

    my issue is i don’t have a vacuum right now i been sweeping the carpet which takes a while and is hard on my back but it works for now.

  106. Everyday dust bunnies and small particles, especially around the the edge of the floor at the base boards, gives me fits!

  107. Leora Totton says

    The weight of the vacuum and the short vacuum hose.

  108. Little messes. I really don’t want to pull out big vacuum for a little mess. Also, right now I have hardwoods.

  109. My biggest issues while cleaning is needing attachments @ my disposable , quickly & easy to use!!

  110. The cord always gets in the way.

  111. I sure hope I win

  112. Nicole Becker says

    My biggest issue is the dog hair!! My dog sheds so much.

  113. Barbara Rohde says

    As I get older the vacuum feels heavier and heavier.

  114. Carissa Knotts says

    loses suctions

  115. Biggest issue is the noise and spreading of dust

  116. light is good!

  117. Cathy Philipps says

    doing stairs are always a pain!

  118. shelia hall says

    Love to win a new vaccum! my old one is worn out!

  119. The belts always breaking, and hair getting tangled up on the spin brush.

  120. Great for quick clean ups without having to drag out the big beast.

  121. Long hair on the beater brush

  122. Pet hair… tangles in the bar and fills everything up faster

  123. Leslie Hunter says

    I really could use a new light weight vacuum cleaner!

  124. I would like to win this

  125. Stairs. Need a better option for cleaning my stairs.

  126. RON CHAMBLEE says


  127. Leighann Floyd says

    My biggest issue is my 8 year old son always wants to vacuum but ours is so heavy it makes it very difficult for him to do so this would be a great big help!

  128. Sharon Williams says

    My biggest issue is my stairs. I have an upright and a canister vac and neither one is conclusive to cleaning stairs

  129. Angela Hughes says

    I find it hard to keep upholstery clean.

  130. Becky Whitehead says

    Have had back surgery and need something light and easy to run

  131. Heather Dansby says

    My biggest problem is the weight of my vacuum!

  132. maggie sanders says

    My big issue is the size .

  133. Easy. Biggest issue is dog hair.

  134. The biggest issues I have with vacuums is that they’re bulky, and get bogged down with pet hair & carpet

  135. That it is hard to push the vacuum and then my back hurts.

  136. vacuuming & mopping are my least favorite chores–this lightweight sweeper would help me out!

  137. My biggest cleaning issue with vacuuming is my stairs. I have the see through floating stairs that are carpeted. So I have to lug the vacuum around and use the attachments to vacuum the under side of the stairs and the hose is never long enough.

  138. Pet fur! It’s the worst!

  139. James Deshler says

    Under the furniture kills my back.

  140. Need a lightweight cleaner because of back problems and arthritis

  141. My biggest vacuum issue is that I need to vacuum a lot (2 toddlers, 2 cats, 2 dogs) but getting my bulky vac out is a pain and keeps me from doing it as often as I should.

  142. My biggest issue is dragging out the big vacuum far too often for those little daily jobs.

  143. My biggest gripe is constantly changing nozzles to do floors, carpet, furniture & drapes…

  144. Cat hair!

  145. Cristie Brewer says

    My issue is all the dust, pet hair, and any other particles that get stuck in corners and baseboards. It’s a real task for me considering it causes alot of back pain for me. With these amazing attachments I think I would have a much easier time.

  146. pet hair!!!

  147. I am 65 and have a Chihuahua who likes it under my king size bed, I can’t clean under the bed with my regular vacuum and this looks like it would be perfect for that horrid job!

  148. I would love to win this so I can keep my house clean from cat hair.

  149. Michelle Nelson says

    Pet hair on laminate flooring and furniture

  150. Michelle Sutcliffe says

    Fingers crossed!

  151. My biggest cleaning issue is the pet hair from my white German Shephard

  152. Hope I win.

  153. becky berger says


  154. My biggest problem is how often I need to use my vacuum due to a Black Lab living in my house and this would be perfect for those “everyday” jobs vs. getting out the big one every time!

  155. My Kirby is heavy and awkward to use when I have just a bit to do, like spills, haircuts, etc. This would make those tasks so much easier and faster.

  156. christine fisher says

    Biggest problem is pet hair.

  157. Mathew Katz says

    Getting into corners and tight spaces

  158. Donna Dennis says

    My biggest problem is getting into corners and under cabinets and furniture.

  159. Kelly Payton says

    My 74 year old mother Mattie would love this light weight vacuum.

  160. Janie Bowen says

    Light weight would help my bad back when vacuuming

  161. wow

  162. My biggest challenge is pet hair.

  163. I love Shark products….with 2 kids,,,,shark products are awesome!

  164. I always wanted a shark vacuum.

  165. I really need a light weight vacuum due to back & leg pain.
    To be able to keep my home clean would be a god sent .
    Thanks for the chance!

  166. My biggest issue has got to be loss of suction when it comes to getting all the dog hair off the furniture and around the baseboards… I have a huge German Shepherd and he has a lot of hair! 😀

  167. Matt Strohbehn says

    This would be great for working around furniture

  168. Tonya Filleman says

    They get clogged.

  169. I would love to try this! It would be great for my kitchen floor .. dog hair and just grime in general. Thanks for the opportunity.

  170. The weight of the unit and the sucking power.

  171. Cynthia Dickens says

    I need help with dog hair and sand. Coming home from the beach means sand e everywhere. I’d love to win this!

  172. My biggest vacuuming problem is carrying my vacuum up and down my stairs since I have a very bad back.

  173. Michael Walmsley says

    dog hair

  174. kathleen viviano says

    my biggest problem with cleaning my home is the actual lugging around a heavy, awkward vacuum cleaner. I need something light weight that is not a light-weight when it comes to suction.

  175. Jessica Fortner says

    My biggest issue is getting onto tough spits, corners, under things, ect.

  176. I have a shark navigator vacuum and shark steam mop, I absolutely love them both! Ever since I bought shark I have never bought any other brand! Shark is the best!

  177. Cat hair ALL OVER the place is the big problem.

  178. My biggest issue is the vacuum getting clogged with my cat’s fluffy hair.

  179. LOVE this vacuum! Would love to win! (;

  180. Judy Thompson says

    the corners and the stai way down to the basement and the carpit .. every were <3 thanks for the chance

  181. Dog hair and suction. Most vacuums do not have enough air flow/suction to really pull out the dust and pet dander out of a carpet

  182. I have several vacuuming issues, a messy 3 year old that occasionally likes to throw food or make it snow” shredded paper pieces, hair (my hair) constantly covering the roller, a small apartment without much storage space for my large vacuum….just to name a few!

  183. I need a vacuum that can clean hardwood floors and carpets

  184. connie teeters says

    I have a very bad back. Sweeping is a major chore for me. I have to sweep just a little bit then sit down until the spasms go away and then get up and do little more, etc

  185. Marty Musser says

    We have a dog and a cat, so pet hair is always a problem at our house!

  186. Jack Palmer says

    loss of suction.

  187. Joni Mitchell says

    cleaning the corners..ugh

  188. My biggest issue is having hair getting wrapped around the roller brush.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  189. Stephanie Galbraith says

    I hate when my hair gets stuck in the bottom of the vacuum.

  190. They don’t seem to last very long.

  191. I need something light to clean up those everyday spills.

  192. I do housekeeping for a living. It would be nice to have a light weight vacuum the has good suction power.

  193. Shawn Stover says

    hair from pets is my biggest issue

  194. My biggest cleaning issue when it comes to vacuums is dragging around a heavy vacuum because any lightweight one I’ve tried has not worked as well.

  195. My dog sheds like crazy and I HATE dragging my big vacuum out several times a week to clean the house!

  196. There’s this old carpet, that can’t be vacuumed conventially. Apparently, vacuums just pull fiber from the carpet weft, and just cause havoc.

  197. Mary Casper says

    My biggest cleaning issue is golden retriever dog hair

  198. I have always had issues with my vacuums breaking or not working properly!

  199. The filter in ours gets clogged very quickly since for some odd reason it allows my cats fur though to the first filter instead of keeping it in the canister. Also it likes to kick around the litter in the kitchen (we have indoor/outdoor carpet).

  200. My biggest complaints about vacuums is they are big, bulky and can’t get at baseboards or around furniture well at all!

  201. My biggest issue is dust and bad odor coming from vacuum.

  202. Connie Gruning says

    Dog hair!!! If I can find a vacuum that will actually grab all of the dog hair I will be GIDDY!!!

  203. Karen Jaras says

    I have been in a bad accident lately, so weight is an big issue with me.

  204. Debra Guillen says

    I biggest issue is the heaviness of the vacuum and having to carry it up and down stairs

  205. By biggest problem is that my vacuum cleaner is way too heavy and bulky for me to use easily. It does have great attachments, but hard for me to handle. Have installed new hardwoods, so now the dirt that was hiding when I had carpet is now very visible, so definitely need an easier way to get floors and area rugs clean.

  206. Denise Davis says

    My biggest challenge is cleaning off all the hair and loose strings off the roller.

  207. We live in a small apartment so there is not to much room, I love vacuuming but hate trying to vacuum with a large vacumm in tight places.

  208. Phillip Russell says

    dog hair

  209. Biggest cleaning problem is hardwood floors and under neath furniture. Then taking it upstairs. at gmail dot com

  210. I hate when it gets all clogged and yucky.

  211. My biggest problem is finding something that will pick up dog hair and do edges well.

  212. Jennifer Bob says

    Our kitchen floor.

  213. sherry butcher says

    Dog Hair every place you can & don’t think of.

  214. My biggest issue is the odor when changing the vacuum bag.

  215. OUr biggest issue is cat hair!

  216. My vacuum is so bulky and heavy that I never want to vacuum!

  217. i hate trying to vacuum the stairs with my heavy upright vacuum!

  218. All the pet hair!!!!

  219. I have 3 dogs, and have issues with them not picking up pet hair.

  220. My biggest issue is finding one that can hold up to lots of dog hair

  221. I hate it when my vacuum extensions do not reach the ceiling.

  222. dog hair on the kitchen and bathroom floors.

  223. Charlotte Strickland says

    My biggest problem is cleaning all of the hardwood floors. My vacuum that I have now does not do a very good job on them! My whole house is nothing but hardwoods!

  224. My biggest issue is having to lug around my heavy vacuum around and getting into small corners.

  225. Thomas Murphy says

    My biggest issue is my vacuum can’t handle all the pet hair.

  226. The cheap materials that the vacuums are made of today is just plain sad. In the past year I have gone through two vacuums because of cheap plastic parts.

  227. Getting into corners. I basically have to vacuum everything, and then go back through and sweep out the corners, or do that first, but either way, I have to do both :/

  228. My biggest cleaning issue is lugging the heavy vacuum around the house and trying to maneuver it in small spaces.

  229. Too heavy for me to use unless it is on the main floor.

  230. my biggest issue is having to deal with pet hair

  231. Jenn McClearn says

    Pet fur is my biggest issue, the stairs are hard to deal with too

  232. My biggest vacuum challenge is definitely pet hair

  233. barbara corbitt says

    i dont have a vacuum cleaner. i moved from a place with no carpet to a place that has carpet in every room except the kitchen and bathroom. i have to use a broom to sweep the carpet and i cant do that anymore. i have severe arthritis in my back and go to a acute pain doctor twice monthly. i get sixteen shots, eight on each side of my spine. each time the doctor tries a different medicine and so far nothing is working. these shots are very painful because the needle has to touch the bone where the arthritis is. they are very very painful. i would love to have such a high quality vacuum. thank you for a wonderful giveaway

  234. Gail Rosenstrom says

    i have to constantly clean hair off the roller

  235. My biggest cleaning issue is with our yorkie/pom. She has mini seizures and sometimes vomits after them. Some stains are tough to get out! I can handle them easily during the day, but at night the stains have time to set in.

  236. Wow! This looks powerful and easy to get around. My biggest vacuuming challenge is pet hair.

  237. All the pet hair combined with the dirt tracked in by the contractors working on our house!

  238. I need a lightweight vacuum and one that can handle picking up hair from the carpet.

  239. Robin Wilson says

    My biggest issue is that my vac is so heavy I am about dead by the time I finish the house!

  240. Natalie Perry says

    I have a toddler and My biggest issue is food crumbs everywhere and my vaccum doesn’t pick them all

  241. It’s hard to find a vacuum with enough suction to get all of my pets hair but not being too strong that it is cumbersome to maneuver.

  242. Brandi Price says

    My issues are the cords and going from one floor type to another.

  243. My biggest challenge when cleaning with a vacuum is dirt and pet hair being left behind. I need a vacuum that has good suction so I won’t have to go over the same place twice.

  244. Janice Cooper says

    Hair getting caught in the vacuum and not having any attachments for those hard to reach areas

  245. Kelly Hughes says

    Too bulky!

  246. Vanessa Richard says

    my biggest issue right now is my toddler wants to vaccuming and its to bulky for him to use

  247. My biggest issue is hair being caught up in the vacuum!

  248. Terri Egelund says

    My puppy, Bella, clogs up the vacuum with dog hair so that is my toughest challenge.

  249. The weight! I have 3 flights of stairs, and my vacuum is SO heavy!!!!
    Also.. the suction isn’t good…at all =*(

  250. Tari Lawson says

    The filter in my vacuum gets clogged with dog hair.

  251. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    The biggest problem is pet hair. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats that shed constantly. After I vacuum there’s still some pet hair left.

  252. Meghan Malicoat says

    Hair clogs. My daughter and I both have very thick, long hair and we shed like animals!!

  253. German shepard dog fur hiding in hard to reach spots

  254. Monique Rizzo says

    All the hair clogging up!
    Thanks for the chance.

  255. Jennifer Monteiro says

    The biggest issue is my long hair sheds and gets tangled in the vacuum brush.

  256. I honesty hate how heavy my vacuum is, it is a chore to take it to the other floors.

  257. Staci Scrogham says

    My biggest problem with vacuums is that they never seem to get all of the dog hair out of the carpet or off of furniture. I have ONE husky- but he sheds more than all my previous pets combined. The vacuum just can’t get all the hair up :/

  258. Sue Ellison says

    My biggest cleaning issue with vacuums is the weight and not being able to easily switch from floors to using the tools.

  259. My biggest vacuuming obstacle is the weight of a lot of vacuums – they’re too big and bulky to move them where I need them
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  260. Darlene Carbajal says

    The vacuum I have is really loud when I turn it on. I would really like a new one.

  261. Heather Stokes says

    I have a Rainbow, and it’s such a hassle to get it out and use it unless I’m doing the whole house. I need a smaller one for those everyday cleanups. 🙂

  262. Joint pain from lupus makes it hard for me to lug around our big vacuum…this would be perfect!!!

  263. RICHARD HICKS says

    My biggest issue is vacuuming can get very tiresome quickly when your vac. is heavy.

  264. April Brenay says

    My kids are my biggest cleaning problem, if I could just attach the vacuum to them as they walk that would be great

  265. My biggest issue with vacuums is the weight, and the pick up suction of the machine.

  266. Brittney House says

    I don’t know if it just that I buy cheap vacuums or what, but after a while the dirt starts spitting out instead of sucking in.

  267. My biggest vacuuming challenge is vacuuming under and around furniture

  268. Living in a house with 2 stories means dragging up the vacuum up and down stairs…

  269. angela cunningham says

    I need a light weight vacuum because I have trouble carrying a my vac up and down the steps.

  270. Deep Cleaning…Living in high desert means so much dust.

  271. Margaret Smith says

    My biggest issue is that many weigh too much for me to handle.

  272. alyce poalillo says

    Cat hair and cat litter are my biggest issues. I have destroyed so many vacuums because the cat hair.

  273. My biggest pet peeve is having to use several different vacuums for my different floors. It would be nice to have one that cleans them all!

  274. Adrienne Gordon says

    carrying it up and down the stairs

  275. My current vacuum is large and heavy, tough to work with…plus it doesn’t seem to do well with pet hair. 🙂 Thank you.

  276. The bathroom, so many tiny spaces that equipment doesn’t fit.

  277. Crystal Rogers Walker says

    Not being able to pick up the dog hair and to get under things

  278. My biggest challenge is getting the dog hair out of the crevices on my furniture. I do not have a good vacuum with an attachment that can do this. I think this vacuum would be great in helping me get all the dog hair up!

  279. My biggest issue is I have two cats that shed. My vacuum doesn’t seen to pick up all the hair on the wood floors or the carpet.

  280. I have a lab, who sheds a small lap dog a day…no joke. My home requires, not 1, 2, but 3-4 vacuums a day! a lighter, easy to carry vacuum would make my job a little easier!

  281. Its hard to keep the house cleaned, with 3 teenagers, 2 ferrets, and a 6 month old grandson thst visits every otber weekend.My house is constantly busy, and keeping up with the mess is tough st times. I find myself usually picking up visibl debris my vaccum leaves behind.

  282. My biggest issue is the stuff my current vacuum leaves behind! Ugh!

  283. Stairs and edges up against the wall are always the hardest to vacuum. I usually find myself picking up visible debris from those areas and thowing them into the more accessible areas.

  284. Angela Koury says

    I need a lightweight but powerful vacume because I am disabled and it’s hard for me to do housework with a big, bulky machine.

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