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I have always loved the Holidays especially Thanksgiving and  Christmas.  The smell of that juicy Turkey cooking all day in the oven. Beautiful Christmas lights from neighborhood to neighborhood. Tons of cookies, cakes and pies. And lets not forget my favorite part, and that is shopping! Holiday shopping and Black Friday shopping. Every year my husband and I get out our Black Friday ads and make our lists, get up early and hit the stores. And then I take the kids shopping to buy stuff for people on their lists. Lately we find that we are shopping online a lot more now, because its easier to find great deals, coupons and get cash back. Plus you can avoid all the long lines and fighting over that particular product you have your heart set on.  Even better there are so many sites that reward you for shopping with cash back!

Every time we go shopping for food, gifts, household items, pet supplies and car repairs we look for any discounts and coupons we can find. Deal searching can be a very time consuming process, but it’s so worth it because you can find top deals with coupons. But now a days they have sites online to print coupons, discount code sites, cash back site and so much more. And mostly all of these sites are free to sign up to. Making it easier to save you money and time.

Money is tight and times are tough. Using coupons and discounts can really help you save a lot of money on everyday things! Leaving more money to save, pay the bills, car repairs and more. I personally started using coupons and discount codes about 5 years ago and ever since then I refuse to pay full price.



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