Shopping Tips For Teens

Teens love shopping, boys and girls. Especially for clothes, they like getting the best things that look good on them, feel good, fit good, and are stylish. And as a parent you could learn some good shopping tips for your teens.

Let’s start with boys, for starters as a parent helping your child look for the best clothes, always offering them what YOU like isn’t always the best. They’re growing up and they like making decisions on their own. But personally, teen boys shouldn’t always look for clothes that everyone else is wearing, yes it’s nice to wear what’s in style. But just because your best friend, is wearing it doesn’t mean you should. Wear what you want to. Match graphic tees with nice plain blue jeans, or some nice cream colored pants. Or mix it up and wear a solid color with solid colored skinny jeans! But not too skinny. Find something that you feel comfortable in and look good in. And as for shoes, try some nice sneakers, something that goes well with everything, or different types of shoes for certain outfits. Make sure they are comfortable. You can always check out , rue21 an awesome clothing brand that sells trendy clothes for teens, and the prices won’t eat your wallet! You don’t want to have your parents spend a lot of shoes you hate wearing because they make your feet hurt.

As for girls, girls are sometimes complicated to shop for or with. Trust me I know, I have a teen daughter myself. When girls shop, they’ll have a set outfit or piece of clothing they think is in the store, but after looking and they don’t find it they sometimes get discouraged. But they always have to try something on before buying it. Always. And it will take time, because they have to look in the mirror, and see how it fits, how it looks, and if they truly like it. There are so many things in style for girls clothes right now, that you will see tons of teen girls wearing nowadays. Like maxi dresses, high-low dresses, maxi skirts, high-low skirts, printed leggings, even jogging pants are in style, not only for jogging but for comfort.

Me and my daughter love going shopping for clothes together. She has so many different ideas and styles she likes to try. She’s always been a fan of printed leggings, we bought a lot of them that she pairs sneaker wedges and a cute v-neck. She just recently started getting into the high-low dresses and skirts trend. They are made of this thin fabric that keeps her cool throughout these hot Florida days. With the high-low skirts she can wear a cute dressy shirt to match or just a nice plain T with cute sandals or flats. Or with a maxi skirt, you can wear just a nice neutral color skirt, or one with a cool funky pattern! Same with a maxi dress, maxi dresses are always cute and you can wear cute heels or wedges with them. rue21 has all sort of maxi dresses, and skirts and shoes to match! My daughter however is open to so many ideas, as long as, she’ll look cute in it she’s okay with it.

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