Some Shows You Should Consider Watching This Year

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Usually, it becomes a matter of a need than a want to just sit down after a long, hard day and possibly wind down as much as you can. There are some shows that very recently had new seasons coming out and it is important that you catch up to these shows as quickly as you can. While we’re talking about TV shows, you could also get a cable service for yourself that features all the popular TV channels that you need. For that matter, we would suggest that you get WOW! Cable TV since it features all the popular channels that you need.
Coming back to the shows that you need to watch, here are a few shows that you should definitely keep on your list so that you could watch them as soon as possible and see for yourself how good they are:
Manifest is among the most creative shows of all time as it creates a balance between both science and religion. When the show first came out, it made sure that it was trending on Netflix and a lot of people actually did watch the show with a lot of interest. The show is about an airplane that faces some turbulence mid-flight and when they land back in the United States, they find out that they had been missing for 5 years on that flight and they had returned after a span of 5 years after they had been presumed dead. Then, strange things start happening as they get visions of things that might possibly go wrong and they start calling these visions “callings” that they get so that they could avert the crisis in either their own or in somebody else’s life.
Stranger Things
If you are someone who is into Sci-Fi, then Stranger Things is certainly the kind of show that you shouldn’t miss out on. The show has a very captivating storyline and it makes you resonate with the story. Up until now, Stranger Things is among the most watched shows on Netflix and people have a lot of affiliation with the show as they watched the cast members grow up over the years. The show has had a total of 4 seasons until now and the 4th season has been split into two respective volumes. The way the story progressed with every season is amazing and it is brilliant how they linked the 4th season to the 1st one.
Every cast member of the show is brilliant and every actor does absolute justice to their character, to the point that every death in the show hit us very hard. The way nearly every character is heroic in their own way is absolutely amazing, The show also teaches us to always stick up for our friends and always have their back. Stranger Things is most certainly the Duffer Brothers’ masterpiece and it is quite the experience to watch, especially if you are a fan of the show (which you will be if you haven’t watched the show before)
Honestly, who doesn’t love DC Comics (unless you are a die-hard Marvel fan)? If that is the case and you call yourself a DC fan, then you should definitely watch Titans which is based on Teen Titans and is a wonderful adaptation of it. You get to see all your favorite characters such as Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and even Nightwing, eventually. The show is exhilarating and it always makes it seem like you are going through an adrenaline rush.
There are also some really cool villains in the show such as Deathstroke and even Scarecrow through some parts of it. The best part about the show is that even though Bruce Wayne has quite a bit of a role to play but Batman doesn’t really take away the spotlight from the Titans and the show is based entirely on them. The show even goes on to show Red Hood, following the story arc that you would see in the comics.
The Good Doctor
Imagine how challenging it would be to be a talented surgeon but be autistic at the same time. That is exactly what The Good Doctor is all about as it follows the story of Dr. Shaun Murphy played by Freddie Highmore and how he not only is autistic but he also has Savant Syndrome, a condition that makes him exceptionally intelligent. However, the only problem that Shaun faces is communicating with other people and that is something that Shaun learns every day. Every episode of The Good Doctor is absolutely wholesome, which is why you really need to watch the show so that you don’t miss out on it!
Wrapping Up
These are some shows that you should definitely watch in 2023 so that you could catch up to the story, especially considering that some of these shows are being renewed for a new season!

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