Sonic Bomb Jr. Review

My oldest son who is 19 years old is one of the hardest people to wake up in the morning. There has been so many times he was almost late for work because the alarm clock just doesn’t wake him up. So I went searching online one night for the loudest alarm clock. That’s when I came across the Sonic Bomb Jr, AKAThe Bomb Jr from Sonic Alert has been supplying amplified alarm clocks, telephones, signalers, and personal listening devices for over 39 years! The Sonic Bomb Jr. was designed for guys and girls of all ages. And made to wake even the deepest sleepers. states not to be fooled by the name. The Sonic Bomb Jr. won’t keep you in the dark. This alarm clock comes with a bed shaker, and 102 decibel’s of extra loud sound. They aren’t kidding. I could her this clock going off from the other end of my house! It’s amazingly loud for an alarm clock. It really packs a punch and sure to wake up your teen.

This product is very well made and does what it says. The alarm clock it self is not the actual bed shaker. It comes with a plug-in attachment that goes under your mattress to vibrate and wake you up. This is a great product I recommend for everyone this Holiday Season!


  • Includes a powerful 6-volt bed shaker
  • Pulsating flashing alert light
  • Bright red display
  • Loud alarm, 102db’s with adjustable tone & volume control
  •  Battery backup, a 9-volt battery guarantees a successful mission day after day
  • 1 Year Sonic Alert blast proof warranty
  • 1 year warranty

Where to buy:

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Disclosure I received the Sonic Bomb Jr products for free from in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I or use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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    This would be absolutely perfect for my 15 year old daughter who is deaf. Love the bed shaker part for sure!

    I think leaving a comment about Minky is a mistake but just in case I like the Audrey.

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