SteelSeries Siberia v2 Review

The most recent gamming headset we tried is called the Siberia v2  for PS3 made by, and its compatible with XBOX 360, Mac and PC. I have 2 avid gammers in my house that are ages 15 and 19 who gave this headset a try. Here is their reaction and overall thought about it. In the past they haven’t come across very many good headsets unless it’s one we spent a lot of money on.

It was easy to set up, just plug in two cords. They were so excited to try it out on Black Ops 2 for the PS3 with hopefully a great headset to make their game play experience even better.


The first thing they noticed was the comfort. After long hours of intense play your ears and head don’t hurt. The headband suspension is amazing. They are used to adjusting the headband to fit their head. But this headset adjusts itself to the shape of your head. It has two headbands, one the adjusts itself and another open one, which lets your head breath. My oldest thought the open headband was cool, because his headset is closed and his head gets sweaty, leaving him forced to use his cheap Bluetooth when it’s hot just to feel comfortable.

Another thing they found to be awesome is the hidden mic. On the left earcup there is this little lump, just pull on it and you have a mic. Having a hidden mic will make it less likely to get broken. And you can twist it and bend it to your likings and then push it back in when not in use. My oldest owns a very expensive headset that doesn’t have a hidden mic and his breaks all the time.
While in game play with their old headsets they would have trouble hearing people talking to them in the game because of the game sounds. But the Siberia v2 has two dials, one for game sound and the other for voice sound. So you can turn down the game sound to hear your friends or turn down the voice to hear the game. But instead of having to turn down or turn up the volume, there is another button called LiveMix. Which will automatically dim down the sound of the game so you can her the voices of the people you’re playing with. At first they thought something was wrong with the game, but after figuring out what it was, they found this feature was perfect. The LiveMix button will allow you to turn off the dim sound when people talk or to change the volume. If you want to turn it done lower when people talk.

Another button that came in handy was the mute button. My kids could be talking to their little brother and don’t want people they are playing with to hear what they are saying, so you just switch the button to on and it will mute, so no one can hear you. Then just switch it off when you want to talk again.

Now, lets get to the in-game experience. When my kids get really into the game, they REALLY  get into the game. They listen closely to hear the enemies’ footsteps or equipment. With the Siberia v2 the sound is extremely crystal clear and loud and it intensifies the sounds in the game. So you can be up on your game in terminating the enemies before they even know it!

Both of them just can’t stop talking about how the sound helps with the game play. They really have never been so happy about a headset before.

My daughter has even compared this headset to her older brother’s, a Triton. Personally, she says that her Siberia is just a good as the Triton if not even better! The Triton is a $200 headset and the Siberia is about $119. It has amazing quality and durability with half the price. But she has said that the Triton is heavy and it weighs down your head when you put it on, I don’t think anyone wants that feeling when playing the game for long time. This headset is very light weight.

As well as comparing the Siberia to a Triton she has compared it to a cordless one. Although they are supposed to better because they are cordless, but with a corded one you won’t get any interference. Usually with a cordless one you would have issues hearing people because the voice would etch up, and stop on mid sentence and begin at the end of the sentence. Now, you can’t have that when you need great communication when playing a team dependent game.

Their is nothing bad to say about this headset. We highly recommend it verses paying more for the same quality. 181


– Closed ear headphones
– Retractable unidirectional microphone system
– Compatible across PS3, Xbox 360, and PC
– Features the SteelSeries Audiomixer
– Three levels of the SteelSeries LiveMix technology for customizable in-game chat settings


-Frequency response: 18 – 28,000 Hz-Impedance: 32 Ohm-SPL@ 1kHz, 1 Vrms: 112 dB-Cable: 1.0 m / 3 ft.-Jacks: 3.5 mm


-Frequency response: 50 – 16,000 Hz-Pick up pattern: Uni-directional-Sensitivity: -38 dB


-Cable: 3.0 m / 9 ft.-Chat cable: 1m / 3 ft.

SteelSeries QcK Call Of Duty Black Ops II Orange Soldier Edition Mouse Pad is another item we reviewed from Steel Series. It’s a faily large mouse pad, made of a high-quality cloth material with an textured surface. The design is the Black Ops II Nuke Edition. The surface is smooth for easy gliding of the mouse while in game play.  Also a non-slip rubber base which prevents it from slipping and sliding on any surface. This is a must have for every gammer and made to last!

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