Stop Texting While Driving, Lead By Good Example

Over time distracted driving has become a huge issue and a major safety threat to U.S. drivers. Many parents like myself are worried about our teens getting into car crashes. Teens today are tech savvy, and addicted to thier cell phones. The problem with texting while driving is especially critical among teen drivers. Data has shown that our teen drivers from the age group of 16-19, are the greatest proportion of distracted drivers. Teens are more likely to take unnecessary risks while driving than mature experienced drivers. Distracted driving has thought to cause more than 50% of teen car crashes.

U.S. News and World Report covered a recent study by the National Safety Council. The study shows that cell-phone-related car crashes are drastically under-reported, and that as many as 1 in 4 car crashes involve cell phone distraction.

The most important thing we as parents can do right now is to make sure we are setting good examples of safe driving for our teens. It’s time to bring up the issue of texting while driving with your teens. Use these steps to encourage your teen to put down the phone and drive.

  1. Setting Good Examples. Teens may start to resent parents who tell them not to text and drive, while they are also huge offenders of doing the same thing. This can in turn cause more distracted driving from your teen. So be sure you are also setting a good example. Or state today!
  2. Driver Education and Training. This is another option that can also help with making sure your teen is practicing safe driving. These programs are readily available to the public. The key is making teaching and showing safe driving habits and expectations.
  3. Talk To Your Teens. Don’t wait for your teens to notice that you have stopped using your cell phone while driving. Or if you already practice no texting while driving, be sure and take sometime to talk to your teens. This would make for a great conversation the next time your in the car together. Explain to them the dangers of texting while driving. If there is every an emergency, and they must use the phone, just explain to them to always pull the car over first.
  4. Use Smartphone Apps. There are many new apps on the market today that can help with distracted driving especially with our teens. These apps have been made to help reduce temptation of feeling like they need to check their phone while driving. Some apps such as Cell Control can help you to stop your teen from texting, messaging, taking selfies, checking social media and more, and are available on Android and iPhone.

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As parents it’s our responsibility to do the best we can to help our teens be safe drivers. Making our teens understands the dangers using smartphones while driving could safe their life one day.

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