Stuff the Stockings With Serenity Acres Goat Milk Soaps

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a free products from the manufacturer or their representing PR agency to use and test for the purposes of this review.

Not too long ago I had the opportunity in trying a few different soaps from Serenity Acres Farm. Serenity Acres Farm is a soap maker and a dairy goat farm located in Madison County, Florida. Found and owner, Julia Shewchuck, along with her very supportive husband, have a simple philosophy: happy soap comes from happy goats

Their farm is Animal Welfare Approved Certified and it’s focus is on creating a serene environment for all the animals by providing a home where they are happy and excited to be milked every day.  Animal Welfare Approved means acknowledged by Consumer Reports as the only “highly meaningful” food label for the farm animal welfare, outdoor access and sustainability. The only truly pasture-based certification and food label: no cages crates, or feedlots. No other food label-not even Organic-can offer this assurance. 
Serenity Farms is committed to making the best, freshest and most cleansing goat milk soap on the market. 
I got to review 8 different goat milk soaps:
1. Lavender
2. French Green Clay
3. Mother Earth
4. Christmas Spice
5. Stress Relief
6. Almond Oatmeal 
7. Rosewood Citrus 
8. Arabian Wood
Each soap was made using the goat‘s milk from either Frodo, Luna, Cocopuff or Dorothy. You can visit the Serenity Acres Farm website and read about the goats.
Stuff the Stockings With Serenity Acres Goat Milk Soaps
These soaps smell so different and so good, they each have unique scents that I’ve never smelled from any soap bar before. The soaps are distinctive not only because of what they carefully choose to put in, but also because of what they choose to leave out. Serenity Acres Farms only use plant and herd-based oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils to give each bar a unique scent and feel. Each soap is cold processed, gently cleansed, they contain no rendered animal fats, solvent extracted base oils, sodium lauryl sulfates no alcohols, no preservatives, no stabilizers, no drying agents, no fixatives, no chemical or artificial dyes and they have longer lasting scents with the highest quality essential/fragrance oils. 
Stuff the Stockings With Serenity Acres Goat Milk Soaps
Stuff the Stockings With Serenity Acres Goat Milk Soaps
I was so excited to try out these different soaps, I’ve heard so many good things about goat milk soap but never actually tried it for myself. My favorite scents so far is Almond Oatmeal soap and Arabian Wood soap. Each soap has a different texture as well, whether it be smooth, or bumpy,or a little rough. These soaps are made with fresh goat’s milk, unlike powdered goat’s‘ milk, fresh goat’s milk is filled with vitamin A, B6, C, D, and E as well as natural milk sugars, proteins and butterfat. Matter fact, the goat‘s milk pH balance is so close to that of our own skin, so it will moisturize and not strip the oils from your skin.
Be sure to connect with Serenity Acres on Facebook and Instagram.


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