Summer Break Travel Tips

Many of us already have plans for a fun filled relaxing summer vacation, whether it’s a road trip, visiting relatives, going to an amusement park, vacation to the beach or traveling to another country. Epic adventures have always been a trademark of summer. However vacation is suppose to be time to relax and have fun away from work and our day to day. If not planned or prepared ahead it can become a stressful vacation. So be sure that you plan ahead so the trip runs without a hitch. With many families on the road and in the sky this summer it can get a little chaotic at best. Here are a few summer break travel tips to make this year’s adventure the best one yet.

Summer Break Travel Tips

Trip Itinerary

Be sure and have a trip itinerary. Make copies for each family member going on the trip. This should include information such as were you will be staying, cell phone numbers for each person on the trip. Even children should have copy of the trip itinerary in thier luggage. 

Allow Extra Time

One way to minimize travel day chaos is to allow for plenty of time. Instead of sweating over a departure time while you are stuck behind passengers that forgot to put their liquid toiletries in a quart-size plastic bag consider an earlier airport arrival. Extra time at the gate beats narrowly missing a flight especially if the itinerary includes connections in other cities. Children can play easy games like I-Spy or make an extra trip to the restroom with the extra time.

Bring Snacks 

When choosing the right snacks for travel it’s important they are easily portable and not messy. Try these 7 Snacks On The Go. They snacks are easy to transport without the dreaded messes. For cold snacks you might want to bring a small cooler or lunch bag that keeps items cold. 

Consult a Travel Agent for a Travel Package

With travel packages like what has to offer, you can create a trip according to your own unique demands. Packages are truly the best way to find out how to spend your time while traveling. Instead of figuring out where and what your going to do each day while on your trip. This saves you the headache. A travel agent that specifically specializes in cruises is always going to be a better option, mainly because they have relationships with cruise lines, which means discounted rates for you.

Traveling With Friends? 

Traveling with friends can be a lot of fun, but keep in mind and can get a little tricky, because will all be together constantly and most likely won’t agree on everything during the entire trip. So it’s best to just stay focused and make sure to plan ahead with everyone this way you can be on the same page when it comes to accommodations and planned activities.

Leave Valuables Behind

It’s never a good idea to travel with your most expensive or precious jewelry and other valuables that are important to you. Remember to limit the amount to only a few items when it comes to valuables, because they could become lost or even worse stolen. 

Taking The Car? Make Sure it’s Ready

When traveling by car it’s important to make sure your vehicle is ready for a road trip. Be sure to have your vehicle checked and serviced before you go. Tires should be checked for pressure, fluids topped off, levels checked, and oil changed. Make sure everything is up to date.  

Whenever traveling or planing a big trip is always better to be safe than sorry. I’m a firm believer that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Use these helpful tips to keep you ready for whatever surprises come your way. Extra planning ahead doesn’t take long, and you’ll be grateful you did should any issues arise.

What are your summer break travel tips?

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