Support Your Family By Planning Ahead

The National Funeral Directors Association has identified a rising trend in more personalized funerals. It’s a trend that is growing here in Canada, as more people are choosing to invest final needs plans that allow them to express their values even after death. As an added bonus, comprehensive final needs plans provide support and comfort for the remaining family, allowing them to grieve properly.


The details in planning your final needs can seem almost endless. Imagine dealing with them from the point of view of being the person grieving the recent loss of their loved one. You know that your family will have a difficult time, but there is no reason to let them to suffer. A final needs plan lets you take care of everything from funeral and interment arrangements to arranging care and legal paperwork so everything is organized and together in one place. During a time of loss it isn’t easy to make decisions, especially when it’s regarding the funeral of a loved one. Planning ahead makes sure your loved one doesn’t have to make these decisions. Instead, you’re giving your family time to grieve.

A final needs plan will also make sure your family isn’t financially burdened by covering the cost of your funeral. When funerals can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000, it can be an impossible price tag for some families to bear. By contributing as little $5 a month to your final needs plan, you will have collected enough money to cover all of the costs of your funeral. When you choose The Elephas Group to facilitate these payments, you’re ensuring that your contributions will never be used for anything but your funeral arrangements. The funds collected under this plan can never be used to cover the cost of bankruptcy or retirement home bills; the account sits, tax-free, until your death occurs. Check out to see exactly what your account will cover. 

While there is a lot of focus on the financial benefits of having a final needs plan, you shouldn’t lose sight of the gift it can allow you to give your loved ones. By making sure that the arrangements are made in advanced not only are you assured that your passing will be handled in the way you want, but you get a final chance to give comfort and good memories to those you love. Planning ahead can put everyone at ease. You won’t have to worry about your loved ones as you know you have done everything you can to help them through this time.

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