Sweets and Snacks That Go Best With Coffee

Some people like drinking coffee shots like espresso to get charged fast, while others like preparing a mug of a tasty coffee drink and enjoy it with some snacks or sweets. If you’re one of those but haven’t found a great product to enjoy with coffee yet, this post is for you. 

Down below, you will find the selection of the top products to pair with a mug of hot and delicious coffee. 

Coffee Cake

This food is one of the best choices to pair with coffee. Note, this cake isn’t made of coffee beans unless you order one. The cake got its name because people often get this sweet to enjoy with a cup of coffee. The variety of coffee cakes is impressive. Therefore, you can order a well-tailored one or bake a home-made cake by yourself. 


It is one of the most popular products to pair with coffee. Moreover, it’s iconic food because people buy donuts with a cup of coffee almost every time. There are a lot of different types of donuts with various flavors. Therefore, you can easily pick one that fits you the most or purchase a lot of different donuts and enjoy them with coffee. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a perfect pick if you drink strong coffee. The bitterness of dark chocolate will supplement the taste of the coffee. Feel free to purchase dark chocolate with some favors. For instance, you can get a piece of dark chocolate with orange, lemon, berries, pomegranate, and even chili pepper. 

Hard Cheeses

Nothing else will pair a cup of coffee made by the best Brazilian coffee brand better than slices of cheese. Remember, you need to pick only hard cheeses that have outstanding taste and combine them with coffee. Slice the cheese thin not to kill the taste of the coffee. 


Nuts can be a great addition to your breakfast. There is no best type of nuts that pairs with coffee the best. Therefore, try to get a mix of nuts to discover which you like to eat with coffee the most. Also, try salted and spiced nuts. They will taste great with sweet coffee. 

Dried Cranberries and Raisin

These products are great with coffee drinks that imply milk. Dried cranberries and raisin will irritate your taste buds. However, coffee with milk and sugar will calm them. Also, you can put these products in honey before eating.

Fresh Berries

If you don’t want to eat dried products, feel free to grab some fresh berries. The best are raspberries, blueberries, and blackberry. They pair perfectly with sweet coffee as berries are quite acidic. Also, you can put them in cream or sugar before eating. 


In case you’re a sweet-tooth, there is nothing better than M&M’s. There are a lot of different types of this sweet. If you don’t have a favorite one, you can purchase a pack of each type and mix them in a bowl. Just pick a random candy and throw it in your mouth, drinking coffee. It sounds like a perfect plan for a coffee break. 

Caramel Candies

Caramel candies are perfect with coffee due to their consistency. Just grab a caramel candy, put it in your mouth, and take a sip of coffee. Consequently, a candy will slowly melt in your mouth. Also, there is a large variety of caramel candies, so that you will find the best ones. 


If you don’t know what to choose and looking for a classic product that will 100% taste well with coffee. Chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies will taste great with any coffee.


Being in France, you will hardly find something other than croissants in small coffee shops. They can have a different filling like chocolate or jam. Such croissants are perfect with a cup of latte.

If you’re hungry, you can cut a croissant alongside and supplement it with some products like ham, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, etc. This type of croissant will taste perfect with black coffee. 

Belgian Waffles

In case you’re looking for something unusual to pair with coffee, try Belgian waffles. They have the form of two round waffles that are connected with a layer of caramel. Choosing Belgian waffles, you won’t go wrong. 


It’s a classic Italian dessert which is very popular around the globe. Moreover, it has coffee in its recipe, so that tiramisu is a perfect pick to pair with a cup of coffee. 

Final Word

There are a lot of coffee lovers around the globe. Everyone has the top sweet or snack that they like eating with coffee. The post above gathers the most popular foods that perfectly pair with coffee. 

However, if none of the products above seems like a good pick for you, try to pair coffee with salty crackers. The combination of flavors will impress you.

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