3 Things To Consider When Buying Home In Florida

Just like my family many people come to Florida for vacations or to visit family and friends. After visiting it's a place you never want to leave. What's not to love? The sun is always shinning, they  ave beaches, the weather is nice year round, and south Florida estate homes are just beautiful. We moved to Florida 4 years ago and just love it.  Some of our favorite things to do in Florida now that we live here is going to the … [Read more...]

SeaWorld Orlando Returns Two Sea Turtles into the Indian River Lagoon at Sebastian, Fla.

  (November 1, 2012) - SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team traveled to the Indian River Lagoon near Sebastian, Fla., to return two sea turtles that the park received earlier this year. Both turtles were rescued from the Indian River Lagoon near Sebastian, Fla. By the Sea Turtle Preservation Society and brought to SeaWorld for rehabilitation and care.   One, a 75-pound loggerhead, came to SeaWorld in May with a large J-hook stuck in its … [Read more...]