Free Computers For Low-Income Students

Yes it's true, and very possible to get free computers for low-income students. You may have already noticed there are real scams online regarding free computers or laptops. However there are several if not more legitimate programs for which low-income students could qualify for a free computer or laptop. Which I have listed below. These are real programs that offer real cheap or free computers for students.  Being a … [Read more...]

VA Hospital Not Giving The Care My Sick Father Needs

My father is currently at a VA Hospital that I feel is not not giving the care my sick father needs. Hes getting worse and this has been going on for sometime now. Please read my story and help me share this with as many people as we can in hopes that we can find the right person to help him. I know many of you are in need of help, and many of you would like the help people in need as well. For example did you know there are sites on the … [Read more...]