Teen Driving Safety Tips

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Finding the right car for your teen can be stressful, because there is a lot consider. Your teen is just as excited as you were when you got your first car.  They want to drive to thier friends’ houses, hit the mall, and go out to eat. They want to explore just like you did. Driving is such a sense of freedom. But most importantly our teens need to be safe and cautious while driving at all times.

Teen Driving Safety Tips

Find a Safe Car

Take your teen out and help them find a safe reliable car. Cars.com is the perfect place to start before hitting the road. They are the leading online destination that helps car buyers and owners navigate every turn of car ownership. Cars.com is the largest digital automotive platform that connects consumers with local dealers across the country anytime, anywhere. I highly suggest Cars.com because you really want to make sure your teens car is something easy to drive and that it has some kind of protection if they have an accident.

Teen Driving Safety Tips

The Less Passengers the Better

To many people in the car especially for teens drivers is a huge distraction. Make sure they only have one passenger at a time.

Teen Driving Safety Tips  

Enroll Your Teen in Drivers Education Courses and a Safe Driver Program

You want them to do as much driving as possibly so they can get comfortable with it. This will help you feel better as well once they get out on the road without you. The more driving they do the better they will be at it. Plus this is very favorably by insurance companies.

No Cell Phones

Teach your teens to turn the cell phone off while driving. They need to know that looking away from the road for even just 2 seconds is enough to cause a major accident. No one text message is worth it. If your teen feels that they must absolutely use thier cell phone, they need to pull over away from traffic to a parking lot or nearby street. 

Teen Driving Safety Tips

Never Speed

Teach your teen how dangerous speeding is for them and other drivers. Let them know the trouble they can get into with the law. There is never a reason that you must rush so much that you cause an accident. If you have an emergency its best to call 911. 

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