Tennis Turned Out To Be A Lot Of Fun

I have been struggling with weight ever since I had my second child. I managed to lose 80lbs. 10 years ago, but since then I have gained it all back plus extra. First I had my gallbladder removed and started to gain weight after. Then 7 years later my mom died and I became very depressed and started to gain even more weight.


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Since the death of my mother I haven’t had a lot of fun. It’s almost like I forgot what fun feels like, and little things I use to think were fun are now just not as desirable. I think that this had made it tough on my family too. Especially around my birthday, anniversary and Mother’s Day. It’s not that I am up appreciative it’s just the feeling of nothing pleasing me yet it in the end it did. I guess maybe I just have an empty spot in my heart that I have let take to much control of my happiness.

With that being said my girlfriend wanted to take me to do something fun because I have not been out in ages. She loves playing tennis and has been trying to get me to go and play a game with her forever. But I always decline. This time she refuses to let me decline. So since she is my best friend I figured it was time to give in and go.

Let’s just say my first time we played a couple of rounds and to much surprise I actually had a lot of fun. I sure sweated a lot too. I really thought I was not going to like it at all, but I really do love it. Since then I tennis has become a new sport for me. Plus I enjoy spending the time with my friend. One of the best parts is I have been losing weight since I have taken up tennis. So I think that plays a big roll in keeping me going too. We had a great time this past month playing tennis at Cullasaja Club in NC.

The second time we went we stayed at a rented house for 2 weeks. The weather was beautiful and it was so nice getting away. I think taking that vacation was much needed for me.

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