The Best way to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Almost everyone would like to have an attractive lawn, but to achieve this you have to put in the work and dedication. You need to understand how to care for your lawn by reducing the need to use pesticides. To achieve a healthy lawn, you must combine both preventive measures with regular maintenance practices that will help to give the law a perfect look. It’s easy to achieve a healthy lawn if you can master those two things, but it appears many people don’t know where to start.

The Best way to Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Here are some tips you help you get started.

Get rid of existing weeds

Weeds are a big enemy to your lawn and will make it hard for the grass and flowers to thrive. If you would like to have a healthy lawn, the first thing you need to work on is getting rid of all weeds. There are different methods you could use to remove the weeds including spraying them with herbicide, or pulling them out using a handheld weeder. If you think this is a lot of work and you are a resident of Brisbane, you could hire stump grinding brisbane experts to help you because they have the required tools and know the best chemicals to use for killing weeds.


Aeration is important for a healthy lawn. To know if your lawn is aerated properly, just mark a square-foot area and dig the section to examine the roots. If the roots do not extend more than 2 inches deep, then your lawn may be in need of aeration. Make sure you have watered the lawn at least 2 days before you do the aeration. You can then rent a core aerator, which you will run over the lawn once. Finally, apply compost and sand over the lawn after it is aerated.

Choose the right lawn care company

It could be challenging to care for your lawn if you are always busy. Hiring a lawn care company could help you apply the right measures when caring for the lawn. They will basically follow all best practices to ensure your lawn is maintained well. Find the best rated company in your area and ensure they don’t use chemicals even when there are no pests. A lot of chemicals on the soil may not be good.

Drop grass seeds on bare spots

As early fall or spring approaches, drop seeds of grass on spots that are bare. You can use a broadcast spreader to achieve an even spread of the grass over the lawn. To help the seeds to grow, consistently water them and observe for weeds. Provide enough moisture and apply turf fertilizer regularly across the year (check manufacturer’s instructions).

Maintaining your lawn is an easy process if you can follow the recommended guidelines. There are basic procedures that you should use that will help you prevent the growth of weeds and infiltration of pests. If you don’t have the time to perform maintenance procedures for your lawn, you should contract a lawn care company. Get rid of weeds and plant on bare spots.


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