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About the Book

Haylie Pomroy has helped countless clients lose up to 20 pounds in just 4 weeks –all through the fat-burning power of food. Hailed as “the metabolism whisperer,” Haylie reminds us that food is not the enemy, it’s the rehab needed to rev-up your sluggish, broken-down metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning furnace.
On this plan you’re going to eat a lot. You’re going to eat three full meals and at least two snacks a day – and you’re still going to lose weight. What you’re not going to do is count a single calorie or fat gram. You’re going not to ban entire food groups. You’re not going to go carb-free or vegan or go cold turkey on the foods you love. Instead, you’re going to rotate what you’re eating throughout each week according to a simple and proven plan carefully designed to induce precise physiological changes that will set your metabolism on fire.
Phase I (Monday-Tuesday): Lots of carbs and fruits
Phase II (Wednesday-Thursday): Lots of proteins and veggies
Phase III (Friday-Sunday): All of the above, plus healthy fats and oils
By keeping your metabolism guessing in this specific and deliberate way, you’ll get it working faster. This isn’t just a theory, it’s the results-based product of Haylie Pomroy’s successful programs.  It’s worked for celebrities, for athletes, and for people with chronic illnesses who need to lose weight, doctor’s orders.  Now it’s going to work for you.
In 4 weeks not only will you see the weight fall off, you’ll also see your cholesterol drop, your blood sugar stabilize, your energy increase, your sleep improve, and your stress dramatically reduce. All thanks to the miraculous power of real, delicious, satisfying food!
Plus, by switching up what you’re eating every few days, you’ll get to enjoy a greater variety of foods, so your palate will never feel bored or deprived.  Complete with 4 weeks of meal plans and over 50 recipes – including vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free options – this is the silver bullet for the chronic dieter who has tried every fad diet and failed, the first time dieter attempting to kick her metabolism into gear, and anyone who wants to naturally and safely eat her way to a skinner, healthier self.


I recently got a bunch of The Fast Metabolism Diet books to share with my Mommy Group. Unfortunate I this was not what I was hoping for.  The book was very hard to understand unless you own the app which was another purchase. The charts are really small and hard to read. Really just very confusing and poorly put together. I had to read parts over and over and search the book just to get things to add up.  After trying the diet for 3 weeks I have not lost any weight but gained 3 pounds and then gained 4 pounds in week 3. You have to drink 80oz. of water a day and that is just way to much when I already drink 60oz. I was up half the night always going back and forth to the bathroom. After reading other reviews on this I found that a lot of people has some of the same issues. I really wonder about some of the good reviews I read and if we even have the same book haha.

The book also has a ton contradictions. It says eat everything on your meal map. But the meal map doesn’t include all the pieces. It will say to eat 2 things then you go to your map and it one says 1.

Not to mention I spent a ton of money on the ingredients just to do this diet. I really was hoping it was about eating health and just a lifestyle change. Some of the recipes where good but there was also a lot of food I would never eat. Despite what others have said the calorie intake was way to low to be healthy for anyone! Some as low as 700 and some calories for a FULL DAY. A healthy average adult should consume at least 12oo calories a day. Only 3 days out of the week during phase 3 do you eat a healthy amount of calories. It  seems like more of a starvation diet during the first 2 phases. I  found during these 3 weeks I was extremely tired and has hardly no energy I think that might be due to the lack of carbs I could not eat while on the plan. I am happy to be done with this and back to a healthy eating  life style. No more fad diets for me!

However there is a lot of great advise about exercising and your metabolism. I just cannot recommend this book. I am really just so disappointed in this book I don’t know what else to say before I start sounding like a jerk.

Some might say that what I have to say about this book is crabby but I feel my honesty is most important.

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest post.

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