The Jam Rewind Speaker Review

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The Jam Rewind is latest in technology for pre-teens and young adults! This cool, fashionable, throwback mini bluetooth speaker is fun and playful! It is the ultimate bluetooth pocket speaker, being shaped like a cassette tape, this speaker gives off a sound that is a whole lot better than a tape player back in the day!

The Jam Rewind Speaker Review

The Jam Rewind Speaker features four speakers, two in the front and two in back, and after being charged, that battery life lasts up to full 8 hours of playtime! With its paring voice prompts and speakerphone, the Jam Rewind gives you the ability to move from your jams to a call just effortlessly. If you’re thinking about all the places you can take this awesome pocket speaker, keep in mind the bluetooth functionality is up to 30 feet.


I had the chance in reviewing this bluetooth speaker. I thought this was one cool speaker! It is really pocket sized, and it looks just like a cassette tape, my friends thought it was the coolest speaker they have seen. It may be small but it can get loud! The sound quality is very clear, no static or muffled sounds the louder it gets. What I like about this speaker that most small speaker don’t have is that not only can you turn the music up or down manually on the speaker, but you can also change the song and play/pause the music.


Its voice prompts are a neat touch as well. When pairing with a phone it’ll say, “Ready to Pair” and when it paired, it says “Paired”, same with charging it. The Jam Rewind Bluetooth pocket Speaker come in the colors of Red/Grey, Blue/Grey, and Black/Grey. It has a 1 year waranty, and it retails for $99.99.

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  1. Cool speaker, and it does sound quite good. However……did you actually own a tape player from “back in the day?” Have you ever heard a proper old-school boombox? Please don’t compare to something you likely have no experience with. I own a JVC M70 and Sharp GF9696 from the very early 80s. They work perfectly, even though they are 35 years old. Both cassette-based machines crush this toy in volume and sound quality. Big and heavy?…yes. Inhales “D” cells?…absolutely. Obsolete?…maybe. But let’s give the old-school a little credit. This little pocket speaker won’t start a block party. The old school boomboxes did…and still can.

    • Thank you for your input and yes not only did I own a JVC boombox from back in the day, but I grew up in the 70’s so please don’t assume. This little speaker puts out a ton of noise and the sound quality is much better and very loud.

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