The Parenting App Everyone in Toronto is Raving About!

While there are plenty of apps parents swear by to capture their child’s attention while out and about, it’s easy to forget that our smartphones can actually be used to help parents as well! With smartphones getting bigger and better every year, we’re seeing more apps come to market that is designed to make parents’ lives just that much easier. When it comes to apps parents in Toronto are talking about, check out our list below for the exclusive scoop!

The Parenting App Everyone in Toronto is Raving About!

The Best Parenting Apps in Toronto

Parenting is a tough job, and you don’t have to do it alone. Include some of these powerful apps in your phone and you’ll feel like you’ve got your own set of secret weapons for when times get tough! Among the most popular are:

Talkspace: While this may seem like a bit of a shock to some, Talkspace has actually been a huge hit with parents across the country. Parenting can be challenging and knowing you’re not alone in this challenge can be an incredible stress relief. Designed to help you connect with a licensed therapist, Talkspace can help new moms and dads suffering from self-doubt or postpartum depression.

Cloud Baby Monitor: Traditional baby monitors will seem almost barbaric once you switch to Cloud Baby Monitor. This app will turn your smartphone or tablet into a high-tech baby monitor, complete with live video, sound, and even motion alerts. For the busiest of parents, this is a fantastic way to be able to get things done around the home without constantly stressing about your baby in the next room.

HELM: An evolution of, a babysitting website which has become increasingly popular among Toronto parents, parents using the HELM app has absolutely loved the way it simplifies their life. HELM is the organizer for parent life with its easy-to-understand interface, and parents on HELM have access to all the resources they would need to help them deal with this new chapter of their lives.

Cozi Family Organizer: If you’ve asked around about applications in your parenting groups, you’ve probably head Cozi come up once or twice. Cozi Family Organizer is a scheduling application that can help you keep track of your family’s events across multiple devices. For example, you can keep a grocery list up-to-date across multiple smartphones, meaning your teenage son can let you know he drank the rest of the orange juice no matter where you are!

Yummly: Speaking of organization, this handy app finally helps you take the guesswork out of dinner. Yummly helps you plan your meals ahead of time, allowing you to save recipes on your phone and even helps you organize a shopping list. Meaning, not only will you have plenty of options for dinner, you’ll also have a premade list to help make sure you don’t forget anything at the store!

Applications aren’t just for kids anymore! While we’re all grateful for our toddler’s favorite iPad app, it’s important to remember that these powerful little devices can also help parents live their very best life. Whether you’re looking to eliminate stress from your life, organize your household, or make sure your family is eating a healthy and balanced meal for dinner, there’s an app for that. Try out a few and let us know what you think!


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