The Toy Your Dog Will Love – iFetch Review

If you have a dog you already know how much they love to play fetch! But sometimes they want to play at the most inconvenient times, and it’s tiring to. So what if there was some fort of machine where it could throw the ball itself? Well, there is!

The iFetch is one of the greatest things invented. It has received international attention and won numerous awards. It is a great little compact machine that plays fetch with your pooch! It’s simple modern look is appealing and won’t freak your dog out if they aren’t so much into new things.

The Toy Your Dog Will Love - iFetch Review

iFetch is shaped like a sphere with a wide spout at the top and a hole on the front. The spout on the top is for your dog to drop the ball in and the hole in the front is where the ball is launched out of. The iFetch can take 6 C batteries making it portable for on-the-go fun or you can plug it in and have some fun at home.

The Toy Your Dog Will Love - iFetch Review

It even has some cool settings, where you can choose how far you want the ball to be launched each time. You can choose between 10 feet for small indoor play or 20-30 feet for playing outside in the yard. Each iFetch includes 3 balls, and you can order more on their site.

The Toy Your Dog Will Love - iFetch Review

It is fun for your dog and for you! It’s durable design can stand up against fetch-loving dogs. Your dog already loves fetch, the iFetch will bring a fun new twist to the game.

My older dog Roscoe loves playing fetch. When he’s in the playing mood he’ll get all excited, same with my younger dog Passion. She has a lot of energy and can play all day. We set up the iFetch outside in our back yard and I set it to launch at 20 feet, I put the ball in the spout and it launched it! The dogs went running after the ball. Now they don’t know exactly how to put the ball in the spout themselves, so the iFetch website has training tips so you can teach your dog to play fetch with themselves! But remember the iFetch uses miniature tennis balls, so if you have some the same size you can use those, but anything bigger can get stuck.

This truly is the new innovative dog accessory!

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