The Truth About Dogs And Cats

If you had a pet as a child, you are far more likely to have a pet in adult life. Sometimes we feel we should get a family pet, so the kids are experienced in handling animals. They will gain valuable skills and knowledge in how to look after someone other than themselves. Pets also make wonderful companions for kids as well. Some of your best childhood memories may have been of your time spent with your beloved pet.


Cats and dogs are the most popular animals to keep as pets, but they could not be more different! Cats are independent and happy to roam over fences and into the neighbor’s gardens. They may choose to hunt and kill wildlife, and will always attempt to bury their toilets, so other animals do not know they have been there. Dogs, on the other hand, will mark their territory and their entire walking route to make sure everyone knows where they have been! They are not legally allowed to wander over or across neighboring boundaries, and you are legally required to clean up their foulings in the street and park. Both will require regular worm and flea medications that you can buy from places like 365 Vet.


Cats will wash themselves. You will probably never need to intervene with this, but when you stroke them, they feel like you are giving them a lovely grooming session anyway. Dogs can get rather stinky in just a day and will not wash themselves. You must bath them based on the breed and how often the vet suggests to keep them clean. Cats are also self-sufficient in terms of feeding themselves. However, to ensure they remain in good health, you must feed them a good diet rather than allowing them to hunt and kill for food. Dogs too must have an excellent diet to remain in good health. Neither animal should be fed your leftovers.

Shedding is a common problem with our furry friends, but cat owners tend to come off worse with this one. Cat fur does get everywhere, and their obsession with washing and grooming themselves several times a day can also lead to furballs. This sounds, looks and smells disgusting and can stain the carpet. Cats will eat grass to help bring their fur back up if they swallow too much. Dogs will be sick if the chew their toys to destruction, but if you fear they have swallowed something they shouldn’t have, always take them to your veterinarian for a check up.

Both dogs and cats make excellent pets and wonderful companions for children and adults alike. You may prefer not to take on a new pet when you have small babies around. Toddlers can frighten new pets and tend not to be quite so careful around them as they would like. Elderly relatives may fall foul of a pet wandering about by their feet when they walk as they can be a trip hazard. Dogs will need walking twice a day, so ensure there is someone available to help you do this if you are unable to leave the house. Always introduce the pet to each member of the household slowly and calmly.

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