The Ultimate Guide to Bi-fold Aluminium Doors

Bi-fold aluminum doors are quite in demand due to their unique built and efficiency in the use. Aluminum is widely used in manufacturing a variety of household good and therefore when it comes to the manufacturing of the bi-fold doors we are also pleased. Just like any other product at home, it is essential that you as the consumer focus on various factors when buying the doors to make the right decision.

These features are related to the built and the designing done on the bi-fold doors, and they include;

The Opening

You require a door that is easy to open without getting stuck mainly if you have installed it in the commercial place. So to get the best and easy door to open, you need first off to consider the method of opening. There are three types of openings that these entries are made with which are; split opening, full sliding and lastly traffic door.A traffic door is designed with two openings on both sides and is separated with a barrier in the middle. The doors can be for dual function whereby one serves as the entry door and the other one as an exit door.Full sliding is a door that is crafted to be opened from one side. The door opens from one end to the other. Most of the times these doors are installed at the commercial where there is high traffic thus the need to maintain traffic.

The split door is the kind of door designed in two pieces one at the bottom and the other one at the top. So you can opt for the Bi-fold aluminium doors to be installed on the upper door and wooden stuff on the bottom part. The choice of the opening determines the place where you wish to install the door

The Color Options

Bi-fold aluminium doors come in two different coloring options. You can either choose to have dual coloring which is done on two surfaces that is the outer and the inner side with the use of a single color. Dual coloring option requires you to use two different colors where one is done on top of the other one. For example, you can choose white and grey color where the white color acts as the primary color. So if you want something attractive you can select the dual color but for those who are cautious or prefer something neutral, choose one color.


The space of the opening also matters when selecting the bi-fold aluminum door to open. Do you have more space left when you open the door from the inside or the outside? Measure these areas before you have the door crafted to ensure that even after opening there will be enough space. For example, if you have some flowers planted on the doorstep, the best option for you is the door that opens from the inside to avoid damaging the flowers.

The Finishes

When it comes to the selection of the finishes on the bi-fold doors, there are three primary options to choose from. You can select matte, gloss and semi-gloss. Matte finish is done with dull colors that complement the bright and shiny walls. Semi-gloss features a few bright colors, but the gloss is polished and elegant looking doors. The colors of the walls help in determining the finish of the door.

Bi-fold aluminum doors are the trendiest and the best current doors to install in the house or even commercial places. So follow the above-discussed guideline to help you select the best and most convenient door for you.


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