The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Review

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct. Based on the hit AMC series; The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is a zombie game, obvious to viewer of The Walking Dead. Haha. In this game you play as the loved character Daryl Dixon, alongside survivors you come across and brother, Merle Dixon. Scavenge for supplies, sneak around walkers, they can hear and smell you!

Platforms: Xbox, PLAYSTATION 3, Wii and PC DVD ROM

Ages: M for Mature: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Genre:  First-Person Shooter

Release Date: Xbox LIVE Arcade: 7/18/12, PLAYSTATION 3 and PC DVD ROM: March 19, 2013

Publisher: Activision Publishing

Developer: Terminal Reality

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Review

The game came out March 19, 2013 in NA. It was published by Activision. My daughter played the game. from her perspective she said the game was, “ok.” It could have been much, much better. Depending on the games you like, it could be worrying buying.

If they kept working on the game a little longer instead of quickly releasing it would have been a really good game. It felt like it was rushed, and needed more time to build a good story, make great graphics, and an amazing gameplay.

The first thing she noticed about the game when she got started was that graphics were not as good as expedited. A game like this should have sick/realistic graphics that make you feel like your in the game.

She liked how when you would run, you get tired out and the screen shows sweat. Which was pretty cool.

Certain things were realistic, for example you couldn’t kill a zombie in the game unless you shot/hit it in the head. No matter how many times you shot them in the body, or arms or legs they would still be alive unless you destroy the brain, just like the show!

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Review

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Review

When Daryl kills a zombie he might make a funny remark.

Some things she really liked about the game are, when you search through different areas you always find something you can use. Ammo, guns, food, Easter Eggs, and even car keys. Which unlock a new vehicle every time you find keys.

And you get to choose the way you want to travel such as: back roads, streets, or highways. Depending on where you go shows how much gas you will use, the chance of breaking down and if the probability of finding supplies is high or low.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Review

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Review

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Review

When you find different vehicle, you still keep the first ones you had. So you can select which one to use. And there is info about each vehicle, telling the chances of it breaking down, how much gas it uses, and what it’s called.

Sometimes when you are traveling you stop to search for supplies. Or maybe you have to find more gas, a spare tire or a new car battery.

As you do mission and travel to different area you meet new people. You help them out, sometimes with food, or saving them or to find someone. They’ll repay you by joining your crew. Every person is different. You could get a sheriff, a store clerk, a teacher, or a pharmacist and others.

Some things she didn’t like was there wasn’t much of a good story line. Much of it didn’t make sense. In the beginning Daryl’s dad dies, so he goes off and searches for Merle( who is supposedly in jail), they meet up and try to find a survivor camp to get out of there. The missions didn’t need much of strategy but they also needed more, ‘umph’. There is no tension or challenge. And the campaign is just a drag.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Official Gameplay Trailer

It’s does great with gore, if that’s what you’re looking for.

This game has some great ideas that could have been enveloped in a better way than put into a game that turned out dull, and tedious.

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