The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series DVD Review

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My oldest kids grew up with the best cartoons; Hey! Arnold, Angry Beavers, CatDog, and of course The Wild Thornberrys. From Shout! Factory, “The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series, a 15 DVD box set available now. 
The Wild Thornberrys: The Complete Series DVD Review
You can climb aboard the Thornberry CommVee and get ready for a wild adventure. This 15 DVD box set includes all 91 ferocious episodes of the popular Nickelodeon series. You get the chance to follow Eliza,the globe-trotting girl with the gift of talking to animals and her unique family as they  travel to every corner of the world. Using her gift that was granted to her by a mysterious shaman to talk and learn about the lifestyles and habitats of new creatures all over the world. 
My eldest son and daughter loved this show when they were kids, now with this amazing box set they can revisit their favorite memories and laugh again like they were kids. My youngest son hasn’t seen a lot of the older cartoons from the late 90’s to the early 00’s, now he can immerse himself in some great old classics. He loved the CatDog box set as well as the Hey! Arnold box set which are both available for purchase. 
This is something that will bring families together on movie night or something. Gather up on the couch and catch up on some old memories and all the while making new memories. I can’t wait to see what other old cartoon classics Shout! Factory will add to their box set collection. 
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