The World’s First Smart Trampoline Is Now Available in America

Many people when surfing YouTube have come across a video depicting a trampoline related injury, often these are uploaded for the purpose of humor, but these injuries and accidents are no joke. Some can result in broken bones or traumatic head injuries that require serious medical attention; they happen to real people in real time and are the reasons many American families forgo the purchase of a trampoline for their backyards despite the fact that trampolines can provide a great outlet for stress and a reason for daily exercise. Though many people are reluctant to buy a trampoline due to the safety concerns associated with them, trampolines are now starting to be built safer and smarter.

One company creating the next generation of trampoline is Springfree Trampoline — and they are completely eliminating springs from their design (previously a major cause for concern when it came to safety). In addition, they are introducing a digital game system known as tgoma into their trampoline’s design.

A parent’s first concern for their child is their health and well-being, especially when it comes to outdoor activities that too often go unsupervised. With an innovative and patented design from start to finish, Springfree Trampoline has created an award winning product that’s been developed mindfully, and rigorously tested for quality assurance. This trampoline utilizes flexible composite rods in the place of springs that lie beneath the jumping surface and out of harm’s way – no more cause for painful pinching, or accidents involving getting limbs caught between the springs. The frame is also situated underneath the jumping surface making it impossible for a jumper to come into contact with it. Moreover, the Soft Edge mat is extremely shock absorbent, creating the ultimate cushioning for an optimal jumping experience, and their FlexiNet works actively to guide straying jumpers back to the middle of the mat.

The World's First Smart Trampoline Is Now Available in America

The World’s First Smart Trampoline Is Now Available in America

Apart from its safety features are the trampoline’s interactive features that make it stand out. The tgoma system mentioned previously allows jumpers to connect their tablet via Bluetooth to sensors located along the surface of the trampoline mat. With their bodies acting as the controllers, and the sensors tracking movements throughout game play– suddenly jumping on a trampoline becomes a channel for friendly competition, problem solving, and creativity. This rich, interactive feature allows the user to play games such as “Fruitants” for older children, “Stickers” for younger children, and for adults – tgomaFit for setting exercise goals, and participating in events around the globe.

Trampoline safety is key to peace of mind for children and their parents should they choose to introduce one into their homes. Between the years of 2002 and 2011, over one million people went to the emergency room with a trampoline-related injury; many of which involved springs, frames, or falling. This company has removed the cause for many of these injuries from their trampoline design, and with smart technology, has gone above and beyond to make their product stand out, and more attractive to a digital generation. Why not go with a smart trampoline that is safer for the entire family to enjoy, while putting in that beneficial outdoor activity into your family’s regularly scheduled programming

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