Things That Can Go Wrong on an RV Road Trip Without Insurance

When taking a long trip with a recreational vehicle, a family can have a fun time and see a lot of the country. While true, it’s a dangerous world out there, especially if you don’t have a decent RV and plenty of insurance. With this in mind, here are four things that can go wrong on an RV road trip without insurance.

Serious car accident:

First and foremost, if you are involved in a vehicle accident with your RV, you can cause severe damage. Think about it, an RV is huge, and it will cause plenty of damage to a smaller car. Not only that, but since an RV weighs so much, it will likely hurt occupants of other vehicles. A driver and the passengers in the RV are also vulnerable as it can roll over and cause serious injuries to its occupants. For this reason, without insurance, a driver will end up in a load of trouble. In fact, if people are injured and the RV driver is responsible, he or she will have a massive liability on their hands.

Stolen or damaged by thieves:

When trekking around the country, it’s fun to live the lifestyle and enjoy an RV. Sadly though, plenty of criminals will try to take advantage of an RV driver. The minute you step away from your vehicle, you will need to worry about people breaking into it and causing damage and stealing items that are secured inside. Not only that, but if you are truly unlucky, you may end up watching as a professional drives off with your RV. When this happens, you will truly suffer as you will end up stranded in the middle of nowhere without a ride.

Property damage:

While not as serious as injuring someone, an RV can cause serious damage to private property. Since most owners aren’t expert drivers, they frequently scrape into the sides of buildings or run over small objects. When the owner of the RV does this, he or she must immediately exit the vehicle and inspect the object for damage. Then, one needs to make a serious attempt to contact the property owner or government agency. After doing this, the driver will need to furnish his or her insurance paperwork. If the motorist doesn’t have paperwork, he or she will end up paying massive expenses out of their own pocket.

Falling items from the RV:

Without a doubt, if you drive long enough, you will begin to see as gas canisters or bikes fall off of your recreational vehicle. This is a recipe for disaster, as drivers behind you will have to quickly swerve to avoid your things. Sadly, and sometimes often, when encountering debris in the road, a driver will crash and end up with an injury and/or damaged car. Provided someone sees the object fall of your vehicle, you will need to give your insurance information. If not, you may end up in trouble with the law.

With these four examples, you can see why it’s important to carry sufficient insurance when owning an RV. If you don’t, you are one mishap away from serious long-term problems.

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