Three DIY Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

Three DIY Interior Design Tips to Transform Your Home

When it comes to designing a home, many people are at a complete loss. From the colors to the drapes to the furniture, there are so many factors that play into crafting an effective design that it can be difficult to determine exactly what’s needed, and even where to start.

But designing a beautiful space isn’t an unsolvable mystery. There are a myriad of simple options that you can implement, whether you can tell the color difference between cyan and sky blue. While there’s no magic formula that will instantly make you an expert in design, and for bigger project, you may still want to consult and expert, there are some simple ideas that you can use to completely transform your home from a dwelling into a beautiful showpiece.

Change to a Different Color Palette

One of the quickest turnoffs that will steal the fire away from any room is a poor paint job. Whether it’s colors that don’t match, colors that are ugly or that just don’t ‘feel’ right, there’s plenty of reasons why the colors in your home may be killing the atmosphere.

Fortunately, a simple method you can use to introduce some “Wow!” into your home is to change your color scheme. Since colors carry such a strong association with certain emotions, your first step is to determine what emotions you want to impact, and then select the colors that both direct feed those emotions, and work well together.

If you want a more mellow, relaxing feel, choose some soft blues or greens for your scheme. Conversely, if you want to introduce some passion and energy, bright reds and yellows are a perfect way to go. The bottom line – go with your gut on a base color, choose the colors that compliment it well, and get to painting!

Rearrange or Purchase Furniture

Nothing says dull like having to look at the same, boring collection of brown chairs and couches arranged around a TV for years on end. Furniture that does nothing more than provide you a place to flop your fanny down will quickly lead to a room that you can’t wait to get out of.

Fortunately, even just one to two new pieces, or using you old ones in a new way, can lead to spectacular results that will help ensure your friends and family never want to leave! Look at the color scheme that dominates the rest of the room, then look at your furniture. If it doesn’t match, or it’s made from old materials that have faded with time, considering buying a new sofa or recliner that will compliment your room perfectly.

Alternately, think about new ways that you can repurpose the furniture you already have. That beautiful rug you bought five years ago still looks great, and you don’t want to part with it; so instead, consider using your rug or a new rug as a piece of hanging wall art that will bring an exotic feel to your room.

Add Some Handcrafted Decorations

There’s nothing that can personalize a room like the look of something you made yourself.

Whether it’s giant letters for the initials of your kids, a miniature palm tree in a clay pot you molded by hand, or any number of other creative ideas, adding your own personal touch the decorations in your room will help it stand out in a great way, and create a unique feel truly expresses your individuality.

Handcrafting your own decorations is also a great option if you don’t have the money to afford your own interior design expert, or don’t have the time for extensive shopping through dozens of furniture outlets. So, to start transforming your home into that beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of, get to crafting!

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