Tinké Review


You ever wonder about your personal wellness regardless of whether you feel great or not? Sometimes I know I wonder if I I feel good am I still ok. Now you can check your wellness with this new product called Tinké.  Tinké is a unique new product made by Zensorium is a wellness & stress monitor for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that tracks and measures heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level and also your stress levels derived from your heart rate variability. This tiny devise is powered by an app and measures your wellness by just your finger.

Tinké  Technology does this using optical sensing technologies, Tinké captures blood volume changes and quantifies your cardio respiratory fitness and stress levels.

I checked my personal cardio respiratory score by selecting the Vita Index that is created by piecing data collected from heart rate, blood oxygen level and respiratory rate. See below my score. It was really easy, I just simply downloaded the Tinké App and then plugged the Tinké into my iPad. Then picked what I wanted to check and placed my finger on the sensors and within seconds I found out my heart rate.

Tinké Review

I was really shocked by my score and thought it would have been better but without the Tinké I may have not known. See my score below.

Tinké Review
Next I measured my stress level by selecting the Zen Index. Using heart rate variability as a basis, a personalized score for your stress levels is determined from analyzing the rhythm of your heart rate. My says not too bad and I need to relax a little more. Ha ha that doesn’t surprise me I really do need to relax more.

Tinké Review
The Tinké device will better help you to know what steps to take to improve your fitness and wellness. Also share your health status on Facebook, add family and friends to your Tinké network and Compare your scores with other Tinké users globally. What a great way in taking steps to getting healthy together!

Tinké Review
This is a really unique product and very simple to use with a modern design that is small and compact (42mm x 32mm x 7mm). Available in the colors blue, pink, grey and white. Tinké App is also a free download on the iTunes App Store and made to work with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Demonstrational Video

Instructional Tips to using Tinké

I highly recommend Tinké to all ages and think this is useful for anyone concerned about their well being or anyone looking for more ways of motivation to live a more healthy lifestyle shop Zensorium today at  shop.zensorium.com.

Be sure to connect with Zensorium www.zensorium.com

Disclosure I received products in exchange for an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I personally believe will be good for my readers.

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