Tips and Guidelines for a Cody, Wyoming Trip

Cody, Wyoming is indeed one of the destinations that would definitely stir up images of the Wild West. In 1896, Colonel William Frederick Cody, commonly known as Buffalo Bill, helped in founding the town. Since then, it has been well known for its exquisite nature, stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife.

If you love all those things, you probably have been planning to go on a trip to Cody, Wyoming; it’s never too early to plan your trip! This blog will provide you with family travel tips and guidelines for your upcoming adventure to this wonderful part of the US.

Plan meticulously

Cody is probably one of the least populated places in the USA’s least populated state. So, if you hate big crowds and want to focus on exploring nature and wildlife, you’ll definitely love the place! However, always remember that in order to fully enjoy your trip, you have to really plan it carefully. Here are some tips you must take note of:

Book in advance

Book everything in advance. You don’t want to get there and start looking for accommodation on the spot. Book your flight. Research where you want to stay, and make all the reservations needed. This way, when you arrive, everything is taken care of.

Preparing everything you might need

Of course, this includes packing all the stuff you and the kids would need. Ensure you’re bringing enough clothes, food, money, etc. Triple check everything, consider the number of days you’re staying and check if you have enough of everything.

Bring your own car if possible

This is especially important if you want to travel at your own pace. Having your own car means you don’t need to rush from place to place. You can take it slow, and enjoy your trip more. When bringing your car, remember to check auto transport reviews first, to make sure you are dealing with a trusted car transport company. Nobody wants to end up getting scammed!

Familiarize yourself with protocols

Times have changed and traveling is not the same as it was before. So, before travelling to any place, you should always check out their protocols and make sure you are updated. Generally, mask mandates are in place for all public areas as of now.

Gather and review resources as early as you can

Look for vacation guides that can help you with your overall planning for your trip. For starters, having a copy of the 2021 Cody Yellowstone Vacation Guide will come in handy. Look on attractions, nearby parks, maps, entrance and parking fees, and of course, dining options. It’s best to have an idea of what you want to focus on as well as where you really want to go.

Find the right timing for your trip

Aside from being well prepared with the flight, accommodations, dining options, and other stuff, it’s also very important to time your trip right. As much as possible, you should avoid peak seasons, and try to visit during the shoulder season. Typically, it would be best to visit during the last two weeks of May, or first two weeks of June. The last two weeks of August and first two weeks of September is also a good option.

Make Cody your first stop

When planning a Cody and Yellowstone trip, visit Cody first, as much as possible. Cody has plenty of authentic Western attractions that would really go well with your visit to Yellowstone well. For instance, classic Western adventures such as the Cody Nite Rodeo, or even the Old Trail Town and Museum of the Old West will surely help you get into the Western Spirit!

Visit the Yellowstone National Park

Of course, who goes to Cody without going to the famous Yellowstone National Park? It’s such a wonderful and huge attraction at over 2.2 million acres! It could be quite overwhelming at first but as long as you plan everything in advance, you’ll surely enjoy your trip. Here are some extra tips for you visit:

  • Visiting the Grand Canyon and the Old Faithful Geyser in the early morning or late afternoon is more advisable to avoid huge crowds.
  • Visit National Park Service Visitor Centers and have fun with the exhibits about the park’s geothermal plumbing systems.
  • You can also opt for a tour. There are plenty of tour companies that have their itinerary so they can guide you and tour you in the parks.

Must-visit attractions

As mentioned earlier, Cody is such a huge place with plenty of wonderful attractions and it’s best to go there prepared with a general itinerary of which places you want to visit. To help you out, here are some best places you shouldn’t miss:

Buffalo Bill Centre Of The West

This place is truly a must-visit. It’s a very huge museum — a five-in-one at that. It was founded in 1917, and is a place that preserves the legacy of Buffalo Bill. Here are the five museums you can explore inside it:

  • Buffalo Bill Museum
  • Plains Indian Museum
  • Draper Natural History Museum
  • Whitney Western Art Museum
  • Cody Firearms Museum

Irma Hotel and Sheridan Avenue

Irma Hotel is a hotel built by Buffalo Bill and named after his daughter. A wonderful hotel and restaurant that will take you back in time to Buffalo Bill days. While Sheridan Avenue is the main street through Cody. It’s where you can buy souvenirs to take home with you.

Final Words

Hopefully, this blog has provided you with plenty of useful insights to help you plan your visit to Cody Wyoming. Just keep all these tips in mind and you’ll surely have a great trip. Enjoy!

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