Tips for Picking a Good Cologne for Men

Tips for Picking a Good Cologne for Men

Traditionally, men tended not to care about how they looked or smelled in public. Cologne was perceived as a female product. However, as time passed, men began to care about how they look and how they smell. Good smell naturally triggers positive stimuli in the brain. Thus, smelling good helps create an excellent first impression. It also improves social relations and pleasant reactions in public places. During social gatherings like parties or dates, the right fragrance is bound to help with natural and confident interaction among people. As a result, various fragrances of male cologne have emerged. Some men may not know how to choose the right fragrance.

We have provided some tips to assist men in picking the right fragrance to wear depending on the occasion, the weather and the general mood. There are a variety of fragrances to choose from. However, each person has his preference for a scent. Colognes have three layers: top, middle, and base that interact to create specific scents. Therefore, before selecting a scent, you should have it in contact with your skin to see if you like it and if it complements your natural body odor. You should also consider that cologne fragrances change because of reaction to body temperature, skin PH levels, and environmental conditions. Finally, you should go for a cologne that is made from quality products like the ones from RawChemistry.

Here are some tips for picking good cologne;

1. Composition

This is mostly concerned with different elements that make a scent. The best colognes have exclusive compositions that make them unique from others. This is mostly achieved through expensive and hard to find elements that make it unique. Although it might be hard to judge the elemental compositions, they are often written down on the cologne’s packaging materials. Research to know what would suit your style and preferences before getting one.

2. Year of release

Colognes tend to be made to go with styles and attitudes from a particular time, similar to cars, clothes and even real estate. So always go for the currently released colognes so that you could always be up to date and modern with your odor.

3. Oil content

The content of oil in the cologne determines how long it lasts. The more the oil, the longer the scent lasts, which has both its advantages and disadvantages. It provides a long-lasting smell, but at the same time, you will have to be cautious of the amount that you put on to avoid an overpowering scent.

Even after selecting the right fragrance, you should know how to wear it. You should wear the right amount of cologne and avoid spraying too much on your body. Furthermore, you should identify the areas of the body that are most suited to keep the fragrance and discharge it in the air. The outfit influences the choice of the application area.

The sense of smell is essential in our daily interaction with the environment. Men also need to show concern for how they smell. Knowing the right fragrance for each occasion helps them to perfectly blend in with their environment and people around them.


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