Tips for Safe Holiday Car Travel w/ Your Pet

Holidays have officially started and for some pet parents, a long road trip is not so much fun. However no one want’s to leave their furry kids home alone during the holidays. Traveling with your furry kids does not have to be stressful. With the right attitude and some preparation, you can look forward to a safe trip.

Tips for Safe Holiday Car Travel w/ Your Pet

Tips for Safe Car Travel w/ Your Pet:

  1. Keep your pets safe and secure in a well-ventilated crash tested crate or carrier. Using a carrier just makes things much easier and also you won’t have to worry about your pet running around all over the car causing an accident or unsafe driving.
  2. Remember this tip and if will save you from cleaning up a smelly mess in the car.  Only give them a light meal about four hours before leaving on your trip. Do not feed your pet during the trip while the car is driving.
  3. If you have never taken your pet on any kind of trip it’s best to get them ready before the actual big trip. Be sure to take them on several mini trips and make the time longer each drive. This will help get them prepared for the big trip. 
  4. Make sure that the crate in secure and does not slide around before leaving. 
  5. Be sure to bring these items to make things run smoother for a more successful trip: Vaccination record, Paper towels, food, bowl, leash, trash bags, pet medication and a pet first-aid kit, pack a favorite toy and pet blanket that they already use from home.

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