Tips for Starting up a Part Time Business for Stay at Home Moms

If you happen to be a stay-at-home mom, or a dad for that matter, you may harbor a dream of kick-starting a home-based business to make some extra money. This is a great idea, and in fact just over half of all US businesses are home-based, and many of the more familiar brand names were originally started by stay-at-home moms.

Go freelancing

Everyone has some sort of skill, and identifying it is the best place to start for freelancing from home. It could be anything from marketing or advising on tax matters to web design, writing or photography. The internet has made home-based freelancing a lot easier in recent years, and there are numerous sites out there that you can use to get things started.

Start blogging

Lots of people, including stay-at-home moms, make extra cash from part-time blogging. If you feel you can write with authority and passion about a hobby or interest you have, you could turn this into a money-spinner by setting up your own blog about it. Advertise on your blog or build an income stream through affiliate marketing, for example. 

Numerous sites offer professional blog building and hosting services to help you get up and running, such as GoDaddy, whose Executive Chairman Bob Parsons has vast personal experience in this field. He started his first company in his basement after graduating, and went on to found Jomax Technologies, which became GoDaddy. Bob’s company can also help you set up an easy install for blogging through WordPress and other popular platforms. As Bob is committed to giving back to the community on a personal level through his business, this might be the perfect solution for you.

Set up a creative home-based business

If you have room for storage and something of a creative bent, there are likely to be opportunities out there for making money from your particular talent. All you have to do is carry out some basic market research on the web and try to identify a niche that is relatively untapped.

Set up a home-based store

If you have some clutter to dump you could sell your old stuff through established international networks by putting them for sale on eBay, Amazon or one of the many other similar websites. When the house has been cleared, you can source new stock from charity shops and yard sales. Progress to buying wholesale and selling it at a mark-up, and before you know it you’ll be running a thriving business! Concentrate on products for which there is a lot of demand, and that are difficult to find anywhere else.

Sell Online

Everything you need to sell. Build your online store with Shopify’s ecommerce software and easily sell in person with Shopify’s iPad POS. Merchants can use their platform to manage every aspect of their business — from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go.

Make and Sell T-Shirts Online

Almost everyone wears t-shirts. They’ve become a wardrobe staple for all kinds of people, all over the world. . How to Start a T-Shirt Business: Make and Sell T-Shirts Online.


There are infinite possibilities and opportunities for starting a home-based business, and you’re really limited only by your imagination. You can try anything from pet-care such as dog-walking in the local neighborhood to building up a home-based franchise or tutoring students part-time. Just remember from the outset that you need to satisfy legal and statutory requirements.

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