Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

It can be a tedious task to tech your teenager to drive. Most are in that phase where they feel like they already know, and neglect to listen sometimes. But it’s your job as the parent to be calm and patient when helping your child to learn such an important life skill. For more tips seek a mommy influencer. However this can be one of the scarcest things for parents to do. Your teen is now out on there own and you are no longer with them, and they are in full control of what they are doing. That’s enough for many of us to lose sleep over.

According to Teen Drivers Source, Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. In 2013, 2,163 teens in the United States ages 16-19 were killed and 243,243 were treated in emergency departments for injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes. That means six teens ages 16-19 died every day as a result of motor vehicle crashes.

You want to start first with letting them tell you what they already know, and letting them show you. This can make them feel important and independent that you paying attention to them and letting them be responsible. You can then correct them if anything they’ve told/shown you isn’t correct. Show them the proper way. Even if your child huffs and puffs, rolls their eyes, any of that, keeping calm and ignore it, and continuing with teaching them is the best way to handle this. The last thing you want is to fly of the handle and start yelling at them.
Don’t forget to give them a chance to show you, after you’ve taught them a few things, trust them to show you again, and again. Remember not to yell, or try to grab the wheel from them, give them a chance. Grabbing the wheel should only be when absolutely necessary. Additionally it’s important that your teen has a good first car that’s easy to drive. Be sure and check out  Barkau Automotive. They have a inventory of perfect cars for first time drivers.
Never forget there are lots of people on the road that make sudden decisions that can threaten another drivers life. Remember everyone is not always going to do what’s right, and we need to make sure our teens realize this. We can only control so much, and must control what we are doing at all time, and pay attention to everyone else at the same time.
Here are some thoughts spoken from a teen who has been asking her parents about learning how to drive. From a teenagers point of view. I feel can be very restless sometimes, having to sit and listen the whole time. We want to get in action, and start driving already. But this is a very important thing we are learning and we don’t want to mess up, or play around. We want our parents to listen to us, and give us a chance to prove ourselves responsible. We don’t want to be yelled at, or have the constant fear that you will stop us and grab the wheel. You may think that is helping, but that is very dangerous.
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