Tips for Teens Driving in Summer

Tips for Teens Driving in Summer

It’s the summer, and that means school is out, families and friends are going on vacations and road trips. There are concerts and festivals, a lot happens in the summer. Not to mention the horrible hot weather. All of this going on can make driving dangerous, especially for new teen drivers.

If you’re a parent of a new teen driver, or if you are a teen driver yourself this post can help you with some safety tips for driving in the summer, especially for new drivers. If your in the market for a safe piratical car for your teen on on over to Carson Market and check out their inventory.

1. Practice more defensive driving.

Depending on where you live, during the summer there could be more people there. Whether more people driving, or more people walking in cities and such. Making sure you practice defensive driving and becoming aware of what’s around you, and what is to come on the road ahead is very important. Drivers from other states or even countries have some different driving laws and may practice different things on the road you need to watch out. Same with pedestrians. There can be a lot on the sidewalks, crossing the streets and what not. Be careful.

2. School is out.

Since school is out for the summer, there are more children outside doing things with friends during the day, as well as at night. This also depends where you are, if you live more in a suburban area, or close to where a park and such is. Your area will become busy in the summer. Some neighborhoods even have signs during the summer to let drivers know that there are children at play. Since you are a new driver and you aren’t super experience with driving in areas with a lot of children, try getting some practice before summer begins, so you’ll be prepared.

3. Friends.

It’s summer and you and friends probably have so many plans to have road trips, or check out new cities, go to concerts and such. But before you do any of these things you need to make sure you are capable of handling such tasks. I mean, you need to get comfortable with driving, especially with when you have multiple people in the car. It can be distracting to young, new drivers. Some parents forbid their children to have friends in the car while they drive for a few months until their child has become a better driver. Without even realizing it your friends can be very dangerous to you while you drive. Even if it is just one friend, them talking, or being on their phone, play music can be hard to stay focused. Your friends might not even think what they are doing is bad. If you decide to drive with friends, at first limit it to one friend. Let them know not to do certain things while you drive. Don’t just get behind the wheel with a full car and think everything will go smoothly.

4. Check your car.

With the summer comes the weather. Cars need to have regular maintenance especially during extreme weather changes/conditions. Cars can overheat, tires can get bad, etc. Make sure you get your car checked before the summer, then during and after. Also make sure you have the right fluids in your car, just in case for refills, if you know how to. A/C can be a big problem as well. Make sure your air filter is cleaned out so the a/c can blow efficiently. But make sure you aren’t blowing a/c on high for hours on end. A/c can use up your gas faster as well.

There are more tips to keep in mind, but these are just a couple that can making summer drive=in for teens be a breeze. That is if they follow them!

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