Tips for Test Driving a New Car

Besides buying a house, purchasing a new vehicle is the second most expensive purchase many people will make in there life. However not all of us will take the time to to properly evaluate the vehicle while at the dealership.

Test drives should always consist of more than just driving around the block. It is worth every car buyer’s time and energy to try out the vehicle longer during a test-drive. Because there’s nothing more frustrating than bringing a car home and realizing that something doesn’t quite fit your needs.

Use these helpful tips for test-driving a car you might be purchasing:

Before heading out

Before you head out looking for a new vehicle it’s important to have a vehicle in mind your looking for such as models, features, etc. It’s also a good idea to have a friend or family member to go along with you. Or if you have a friend that is a mechanic. This will help is getting another perspective and ask questions you may not have thought of.

Bring Important Information With You

Be sue to have the following information test driving cars:

  • Copy of your license
  • Proof of insurance

Look at Multiple Cars

Check out more than one car while at the dealership. For example I recommend heading on over to Pearson Chrysler Jeep and taking the new 2019 1500 Classic Express Quad Cab 4×4 6’4 Box on a test drive. Testing out more than one car will help to compare your options as well. Be sure to look over each car and inspect it thoroughly before making your decision. Make sure it’s a good fit for your needs. Think about the things you will be using it for daily and be sure to take these things into account. Then take small notes and by the end of the day should get a good feel for what car you want to buy after the test drive.

Time for The Test Drive

Take note of controls: See how you feel about the dashboard and the layout , and also the wipers, turn signals, and headlight controls. See if it’s something you love.

Visibility: Check the mirrors adjust them to fit your needs. Make sure your vision out of your front, side and back windows is comfortable for you. Make sure you are a good height for the car and how it feels while sitting and driving. Make sure you feel safe and can see all of your surroundings.

Acceleration: Try a couple of ways to get a good sense of what kind of power the car has. See how it feels while accelerating, both slowly and swiftly picking up speed. Try it on both the highway, and local streets.

Make Sure You Love the Entertainment Options: Such as the radio, WiFi, sounds of speakers etc.

Check Over and Test:

Be sure to test and make sure the air and heat work. Check the windshield washer fluid and make sure it sprays. While doing that check the windshield wipers and be sure they are working properly. Check all powered windows, sunroof, and seats. Check the locking system, trunk latch, and hood latch. If there is a key fob be sure to make sure it functions correctly. Try it many times. Check mirrors and cameras to be sure all are in good working order.

Lastly, never be afraid to ask questions.

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