Tips On Baby Proofing Your Car

Parents spend a lot of time and money just baby proofing their home, but do they ever stop to think what about their own vehicle? A vehicle is one of the most dangerous places you will put your baby in. You want nothing more than for them to be safe. You might be thinking, what more can you do besides buy a good car seat? Well here a few things you can do to keep your baby safe in the car:

Position the car seat 
The best location and position is in the middle seat, rear facing. This helps keep the baby away from the windows and the locks and buttons on the doors. However if you car is not designed correctly to hook in a car seat in the middle seat, put the car seat behind the driver’s side, rear facing. It’s very important to make sure you have installed the car seat correctly. If you are not 100% sure how, I recommenced you find a car seat inspection station in your area. They will help you make sure it’s installed correctly.
Lock the car windows in the back, and enable the child safety locks on the doors as well. If your child’s car seat is near one of the doors, taking these actions will keep your child safe from pressing any buttons and trying to open the car door. With little babies it might not be a big hassle with locks and such, but with a toddler, they’ll start to get curious and want to touch buttons, and accidents happen and their hair or fingers can get pinched in the window. It saves you the time an distraction of having to constantly look back to see if they aren’t touching anything.
Secure unused seat belts
Unused seat belts attached to the nearby seats could be a hazard to your child. They could get a hold of it and it can become a danger to them, like being strangled.
Keep an eye on them
With them being rear facing behind your seat, it’s hard to watch them and make sure they are doing okay back there. But there are products made for situations like this. You can purchase a safety mirror that you can attach to the rear seat headrest.
When you have toddlers you know how important is is to keep them busy especially while they are in the car, Keeping them busy can prevent them from teaching themselves how to escape the car or car seat. 
Keep it clean
Keeping your car clean of clutter like wrappers from food, take out containers, water bottles, etc. These things can be a choking hazard to your baby.
There are many more things to do when keeping your vehicle safe for your baby, but these are just a couple things to get you started. Always remember to never leave your child alone in the car and unattended. Be sure and check out Zeigler Chrysler Dodge for a great family car.
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  1. I never in this world would have thought of baby proofing my van. We put our kids in the car everyday, and just assume they are safe. Thank you very much,

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