Tips On Picking The Right Auto Body Shop

If you are the owner of a vehicle just like most people you will be in need of some type of mechanic or auto body shop unless you work in that business and can do it your self. Damage to our vehicles can come in many forms and not just auto accidents. The risks are real and can come in the form of rust and or corrosion, storm damage, accidents and more. If you get into an accident it will be your responsibility to choose the auto body shop you want to fix your vehicle. So it’s a good idea to learn how to choose a reliable auto body shop.

Get Multiple Estimates 

Choosing a reliable auto body shop can sometimes be tough. It’s always best to get a few estimates and it’s not uncommon for them to have bug differences in price. But also keep in mind you do get what you pay for. That also does not mean the cheaper deal will not be good work so be sure and ask around.

Ask Questions

Always ask questions. This can save you money and possibly time. The biggest question to ask is whether they provide a written warranty on their work? And if they do, ask how long is the warranty, and what will the warranty cover? Some shops do and it’s a great idea to find out and ask ahead. This way you know exactly what your getting. Your also going to want to ask if they have insurance in case something happens to your vehicle such as: fire, theft, etc.

Find one Before you Need it

Do the research now and don’t wait until you need one. This way you won’t feel rushed if and when that time ever comes.  Be sure and ask around your from friends, family, and acquaintances . Word of mouth can sometimes be the best opinions. Sometimes the smallest places may have the most upstanding work. Once you find a couple make sure to stop by and visit the shop before making any final decisions on repairs.

Finally go with what feels right. If it’s a very busy shop that can sometimes speak volumes on their reputation. Make sure it’s a clean and organized shop, because this could reflect the type of work you will get as well. Lastly make sure you can communicate with the shop owner and that they are strait forward with their customers.

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