Tips on Preparing Your Vehicle’s AC for the Summer

Most people have notice by now it’s summer and things are heating up outside quickly. In order to stay cool while driving you wanna make sure your vehicles A/C is in good working order and running how it should. Use these few tips to get your vehicles A/C ready for summer. 

There are few different issues that vehicles A/C’s can have. However they are often minor and sometimes it can be major. Common problems that can arise are when you notice the air is not blowing cold like it used too, you here strange rattling noises or a strange stale smell. 

Tips on Preparing Your Vehicle’s AC for the Summer

  1. Turn your A/C on to the coldest setting and turn the vents on high. Be sure all vents are blowing. If only some are blowing you will want to get it check out. 
  2. If everything is running well and cold air is blowing, but you smell something strange like stale air. That could possibly be mold growing in the A/C system, and you want to be sure to have it check out by your local mechanic
  3. Next have your air filter checked to see if it needs to be changed out. Take note air filters should be changed out about every 12,000 miles or sooner is there is a lot of dust and debris buildup. If you don’t change it when it’s dirty the debris can later clog up your system which will result in more problems and cost more money to fix. Plus your A/C will not work well because the clogged system will prevent air from circulating properly. 
  4. Be sure to A/C system doesn’t have any leaks. If your are not qualified to check take your car in to have all seals and hoses looked at for leaks and cracks. These can cause the Freon to escape and moisture to get inside your air conditioning system. So if you have any you will want to get them fixed right away.

When you buy a car at Zeigler Chrysler Dodge, they can run an A/C system performance check for only $19.95 with their service special coupon. Getting your A/C checked right away when you notice an issue will make certain it’s not going to break down tomorrow, and you continue to stay cool all summer long.  

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