Tips on What Look for When Buying a Used Car

Many people don’t have the financial security to buy brand new cars off the lot, you’d be surprised that millions of Americans own a used car. If you choose to purchase a used car, I recommend stopping by a trusted dealer such as Cars on Market to check out their fantastic inventory. When buying a used car there are some things to keep in mind. Since it’s been driven by someone else for maybe a few years, there are cars that aren’t in the best shape. Here are some things you can look for before you purchase your first used car:

Inside and Outside
Make sure that both the inside of the car and outside are in good condition. Check the interior, are there any rips or burn holes in the upholstery. Make sure all the buttons and controls on the dashboard work. Do the windows go down? Does the trunk pop? Checking the outside as well is crucial, one little ding shouldn’t stop you from buying the car, however any major scratches or dents can be a deal breaker for some.
Always check the tires, check the tread, and air pressure as well, and even the alignment, you don’t want to have to spend extra money to get new tires for a used car.
Under the Hood
Check the hoses and belts, check the engine and certain parts for any rust. Listen for knocks, hisses and ticks while the engine is running. Make sure there is no leaking while the car is running as well as while it’s not.
Check the Body
Be sure and look for any ripples. You can do this by squatting and looking down both corners in the front alongside the doors of the car. This is a good way to tell if there may have been any accidents. Open and close all of the doors and trunk to be sure everything open and closes smoothly. Check all hinges and doors for rust. Look under the carpet in the truck for rust.
Check Lights and Operation System
Have friend with you or someone from the dealership turn on all lights and blinkers to check that everything is working properly. Check all door locks, CD player, radio, air conditioner and heater.
Test Drive
Get a feel for the car and pay attention to any weird smells or sounds when test driving the car. One you get back to the dealership and have parked the car, be sure and check under the car for any oil leaks.
If you are still slightly unsure you can take it to a mechanic for a full body check, inside and outside. It’s best to get it examined by a professional.
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  1. Thank you. I was looking for tips before buying my son his first car, and when we went out the first day I never looked at any of these things. This really in so important.

  2. Remember when buying a used car it’s also important to look very carefully at all of the cars glass, and make sure you don’t see any cracks or large, pocked areas. A small stone chip may not be cause for alarm, and something to bring up when negotiating a price. However keep in mind cracks in the windshield will worsen and lead to a costly repair.

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