Tips to Make Sure You Don’t Drink and Drive

Tips to Make Sure You Don't Drink and Drive

Saturday night, you just got out of the bar fumbling around with friends. You’ve had a few drinks. You rummage through your pocket and grab your keys, but your vision is so blurred and your reaction to things is slowed you drop them and take awhile to find them on the ground and pick them up. You walk over to the driver side and hop in, starting the ignition, you drive off. You on the road, burping and kind of dosing off here and there. You’re swerving in and out of the wrong side of the road, and have to keep braking abruptly because you’re speeding and getting too close to car in front. You keep hearing cars honk loud at you as they pass by.

Don’t let this be you. No matter how many drinks you’ve had, never, ever get behind the wheel and drive and stay away from grain alcohol. For some people it only takes one drink. You never want to be that person on the road, that other’s have to worry about. You need to make sure you will never be a drunk driver. Kindle Auto Plaza and associates want’s you to be safe while out having fun. Here are some things to do, to avoid being a drunk driver.

1. Get a DD.

If you’re going out with friends, make sure you pick a designated driver. So when it comes down to it, there is a sober person to get everyone home.

2. Don’t take your own car.

If you’re headed to a bar or a party, don’t take your car. Call a cab, Uber, Lyft, take a bus, or even walk if possible. If you’re out alone, call a friend ahead of time, let them know you plan on drinking, and that’ll need a ride afterwards. Or even, if the workers are nice enough, let them know as well. You’re going to be drinking. Have them call a cab for you if possible if you get out of hand. Honestly, even if you end up sleeping in an alley under a box, you’ll be safer than getting on the road, putting yourself and multiple be at danger.

3.  Know your limit.

When drinking, sometimes it takes just one drink for someone to get drunk. Others it takes maybe 4,5 or even 10 full drinks before they get drunk. Know your limit, know when to stop.  If you’re friends are with you, let them know how many drinks you need to stop at, if you don’t trust yourself.

4. Spend the night.

If you’re at a friends house or at a party, find a way if you can spend the night so you won’t get behind the wheel drunk. If you’re at a bar, that might not work.

5. Plan ahead.

If you aren’t sure if you’re going to drink heavily that night or not, plan around possible outcomes of the night. So no matter what there will be a solution for something and you’ll get home safely.

6. Give your keys to a trustworthy friend.

Let them know matter what don’t give your keys back if you are not able to drive. You trust them to not give in.

Follow these easy tips and hopefully you follow them so you and everyone else can be safe, yet also have a good time.

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