Tire Rotation is Important, Here’s Why

You may wonder what tire rotation is, yes your tires do rotate of course when you drive, but this tire rotation is different. It is when you actually have a mechanic or yourself rotate your tires, like the front ones go on the back or the left ones go on the right. Some people don’t know this but it is very important to get your tires rotated. Tires are kind of like shoes, after a lot of use the tend to wear, and depending on how you walk or drive and how the weight is distributed depends on what parts get worn out more than others.

If the weight in your car is distributed unevenly or your tire alignment is bad that can cause uneven wear throughout your tires. If you aren’t sure if you need to rotate your tires, just listen. Your tires shouldn’t be making any distinctive sound in the first place but if you are driving on a somewhat smooth road, and you can hear a humming sound then that is a good sign that you should get your tires rotated.

It is important to rotate your tires because it gives your tires, after years to wear evenly and smoothly on their own. It will save you money on having to replace tires sooner than you have too because if they are not rotated certain tires will wear down faster than others, they will become bald with no traction and it can be very dangerous driving like that. Your braking, and driving will be more even and you will have a better grip on handling your car on the road.

Most cars that are front wheel drive, all the work and weight and pushed onto the front wheels, making them wear significantly more than the rear tires. If you have new tires, always rotate then after a few hundred or thousand miles letting them all wear evenly. It won’t give one tire a chance to be worn out more than another.

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