Tire Safety: Signs Of Tire Wear

When it comes to your vehicles tires it’s very important that they are regularly checked for safety and proper function. This is a simple thing many people often neglected. Just like oil is important for keep your car running, good tires are just as important and properly maintaining them. Tires are the only contact between your car and the road.

Checking your tire pressure is one of the most important things you can to be sure your tires are never under or over inflated. Under inflated tires are the main cause of tire failure. Poor tire maintenance can lead to premature tire wear, a flat tire or even a blowout. Not only that but under inflation can lead to a higher fuel costs by as much as 3 to 5¢ per gallon! That really adds up fast if you think about it.

Tire Safety: Signs Of Tire Wear

Tire Issues to Look for During an Inspection

Tread wear: When your wheels need and aliment and you don’t get it done, it will cause one edge of the tire to wear. 

Over inflation: You don’t want to mush air pressure as it can cause the tires middle section to make more contact with the road. In turn this will create wear to happen primarily in the center of your tire tread, and causing less wear at the edges of the tire.

Under inflation: You also don’t want your tire to be under inflated, because not having enough air pressure will cause the outer edges the tire tread to wear with less wear in the center. You want it to wear evenly.

Look for raised areas or lumps: If you find a lump, bump and raised area on your tires, get it changed immediately. 

Tire Problems to Watch for When Driving

Unusual thumping noise or vibration: If your driving and notice any kinds of thumping noises or strange vibration this can indicate that you have an out-of-balance tire. Or a tires with tread that possibly could have a flat spot. Flat spots can happen when locking the wheels in emergency or panic stop. It can also happen to a tire with a separated belt.

Cars pulls to one side: If you notice while driving at a steady speed that your vehicle starts pulling to one side, this could mean you have an under inflated or damaged tire on the side it pulls. However this could also mean you are due for an alignment, or have brake problems. It best to get it checked right away.

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