Toddlers And Tablets: How Emerging Apps Help The Education Process

Modern digital technology moves quickly, with constant developments being made in a wide variety of different applications that affect practically all facets of life. Mobile technology, in particular, allows individuals to work more easily in several fields, including personal finances and networking. The field of modern education is one of the most widely affected by the development of mobile technology, helping students of all ages manage their personal progress and encourage more interactive methods of learning. While it may seem obvious that students in high school and junior high school will take advantage of this technology, many people are unaware that infants can benefit just as much from the utility of educational apps. Tablets offer numerous advantages to help shape young minds. Benefits of Utilizing Tablets for Early Learning Studies show that children who work with tablets when they are younger will become more used to working with more advanced technological interfaces as they become older. Learning video games encourage children to work with a more interactive environment, which improves their coordination and real time assessment and reaction skills, while providing entertainment, all in one easy to utilize package. The touch screen feature of tablets in particular allows young students to enjoy all of the features of a mobile classroom right in the comfort of their own homes. Because of the accessibility of tablets as well, many students will be able to get a head start on their learning by enjoying educational apps and video games at home. Early Learning Apps to Consider Tracing ABC This colorful tracing app teaches kids to work with the alphabetic in a traditional and easy to follow way. Students will be able to learn how to read and write both upper and lower case letters, shapes, and numbers, learning upwards of eight hundred words. The bright interface can help children prepare for other scholastic achievements, and enjoyable illustrations help the child become more familiar with the sound and sights of letters and words. Grandma’s Garden In this interactive app, children are tasked with helping grandma in her garden through six colorful games, all in one easy to use app. Children will be able to learn about numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, all with the growth of healthy vegetables in grandma’s garden. It can be the perfect app to help preschoolers become comfortable with basic types of learning that they will encounter throughout kindergarten. Kindergarten Kids Math This app provides for children over four hundred unique interactive activities, all centered around learning early mathematics. Children will learn basic number sequences, counting, and addition and subtraction techniques in an easy to understand graphical environment that helps illustrate mathematical concepts in an eye catching way. It can be an excellent way to help children get started with early mathematics, while improving personal problem solving skills. Reading Raven A fun and cute reading app that is able to be fully customized for use by children of all learning levels. Eleven different interactive activities help stimulate young minds in a wide variety of learning adventures, where children can enjoy activities such as exploring underwater creatures and playing with space robots. Several progression based reading exercises help develop reading comprehension skills as children learn to match words and letters. Kids ABC Phonics Through the interactive use of this app, children will learn how to recognize letter sounds through several basic steps. This app differs from other similar phonetic ones in that it is not designed to teach children to read. Instead, it allows them to recognize and form sounds that are made different combinations of letters, which helps developing early language skills come easier and quicker. Ryan Ayers is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education and technology. In this article, he talks about elementary education and how technological advancements are helping early learning initiatives. He aims to encourage further education through achieving an applied behavior analysis certification.

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