Tools to Keep in Your Car

There are several things we should keep in out car such as an emergency kit, extra cash, spare tire, a jack and most importantly a tool box. Not many drivers carry a toolbox in their car, but find themselves in situation where a tool box would come in handy. In this post I will talk about what you should keep in your car tool box.

Tools to Keep in Your Car

First, you should of course have either a multi-head screwdriver or both a Philips head and a ‘blade’ type screwdriver, along with a wide range of different screwdriver heads, there are plenty of things in your car that are held together by screws, and if one were to come loose you’d be prepared.

Wrenches! Having a few different wrenches are a big help as well. Such as Socket Wrenches, socket wrenches are used to either loosen or tighten a bolt. It makes a ‘distinctive clicking’ noise when being used. Most Socket wrenches come in sets with a ratchet handle and an extension bar to help reach bolts that could seem almost impossible to get to without the right tools. Combination Wrenches, these wrenches are available in different sizes and have two sides; one open end and one boxed end. Each wrench is designed to fit a certain nut of a specific size. So, having this type of wrench could help when there is a loose nut that is a certain size and standard sized wrenches can’t tighten it.

Jumper cables. This isn’t exactly a tool per say but you’ll need this. Jumper cables are so important to have, a vast majority of cars already come with jumper cables, but if you bought a used car and they didn’t come with any here is why you should get some. Your car’s battery is an important aspect in your car, if it were to go dead your car would be nothing, it wouldn’t start, you wouldn’t be able to turn anything on. The car battery is like any other battery, leave it running for too long and it’s gonna die, Jumper cables help to recharge that battery if it does die. If you don’t know how to use jumper cables, you should learn asap, there are many sites and books that help with that sort of thing. Or if you have a car savvy friend they can teach you first hand!

Bungee Cord, I can bet tons of drivers have come to situations in their lives when they needed a bungee cord. Surprisingly not a lot of drivers have them, for how many things they can help with. Ever been in a predicament where your muffler had fallen off, and you didn’t quite know how to get it back on? A bungee cord can help hold it back up until you are in a safe destination for it to be fixed. Same goes for your trunk. There are many times when you purchase something that will stick out of the trunk and you need a bungee cord to secure it until you arrive at home. Check out Patrick Hyundai to read the full list.

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